Saturday, October 3, 2015

September 2015 Zone Conference in Cranberry

 "Preach my gospel is intended to help you be a better prepared, more spiritually mature missionary and a more persuasive teacher. "

The Pittsburgh North and Jamestown Zones
Front left:  Sisters Johnson, Hokafonu, Birch, Maya, Clarkson, Christensen, Welch, Sears,
 Ewing-Di-Bari, DeMille and Penrod
2nd row:  Elder Draper, Pres. Johnson, Elder Rackham, Sisters Douglas, Jarvis, Wyasket and Wilson
3rd row:  Elders Robertson, O'Keefe, LeBaron, Birrell, Tengberg, Miller, Redd, Redford, Cooley, Lundgren, Gates, Renteria, Isom and Whitmire 
4th row:  Elders Jackson, Cahoon, Mink, Glick, Wilson, Duffy, Stevens, Richens, Ashton, Ross, 
Back row:  Elders Hebdon - Far right:  Klima, Story, Wilt, Walker and Bryant

Our sweet lunch providers!

Left clockwise:  Elders Bryant, Redford, Sisters Penrod, DeMille, Elders Duffy, Mink and Cahoon

Elders Wilt, LeBaron, Klima, Walker and Story

Elder Clarkson and President Johnson

Left:  Sister Birch, Elder Redd, Sisters Christensen, Clarkson, Elder Isom, Ashton and Ewing-Di-Bari

Elder Jackson, Whitmire, Hebdon, Robertson and Wilson

Left:  Elders Walker, Story, Pres. Johnson, Elders Wilt, LeBaron and Klima

Left:  Elders Cooley, Lundgren, Miller, Renteria, Richens and O'Keefe

Singing thank you!

Elders Jackson, President Johnson,and Elder Ashton

Left:  Sisters Malo, Jarvis, Elders Draper, Ross, Glick and Stevens

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