Friday, September 25, 2015

Senior Missionary Conference and Farewell

"God be with you til we meet again, keep love's banner floating o'er you!  Put His arms unfailing round you.  God be with you til we meet again!"

Elder and Sister Barney have served faithfully and lovingly here in the PPM for the past twenty-three months.  We will miss them - but wish them the very best as they return to their home and family.

Elder and Sister Elcock have served the PPM amazingly in the office overseeing the finances and the housing and baptisms for the past year.  We are so very grateful for all they have sacrificed to serve here in the PPM.

Sister Casler is a serivice missionary who helps in the mission office.
We enjoyed an evening sharing experiences and having dinner together.

Elder and Sister Hansen serve in Johnstown

Sister Butler organized the conference.  She and Elder Butler serve in Pittsburgh.

Sister Clarkson serves as a secretary in the office with Elder Clarkson over the car fleet.
Sister Christensen serves with her husband as the Area Mental Health Advisor over the Northeast area.

Elder and Sister Clarkson

Elder Barney and President Johnson serving Elder Barney's cake

Elder and Sister Christensen and Sister Barney

Sister and Elder Hansen and Elder Clarkson 

Sister Kesler, Sister Butler, Elder Christensen, Elder Clarkson, E and Sister Hansen and S Clarkson

Friday, September 11, 2015

Why I Believe Firesides

We had our fourth mission fireside last night.  This one was in Chambersburg.  Bubba Palomar was the guest speaker and shared his story with about 350 people.  Our missionary choir did and exceptional job along with a beautiful solo by Sister Simpson.  Bubba' story is summarized in a video clip on the Mormon Channel called "His Grace".


Sisters Amendola and Meyers

Elders Defreese, Tunquist, Curtis, Gates and Kapp

Sisters Smith and Blackwell with Elder Schofield

Elder Uchityl with Bubba

Sisters Allen, Campbell and Thompson, Bubba Palomar, ? and Sister Bennett

Sister Hartman and Sister Roberts with Bubba Palomar

Elder May, Brother Johnson, Elders Kapp, Millis and Posada


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer Visits

It is a wonderful experience to see missionaries and their families after that missionary has returned home!  We enjoyed several visits this summer.  
President and Sister Johnson with Taylor Romero and her Mom

 Andrew Johnson and Hayden Nash

The Doyle Family

The Watts Family

    The Christiansen Family

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Love and Best Wishes!

The missionaries who finished up in August were divided into two groups just a week apart.  All served with their hearts, might, mind and strength!  We wish them the very best as they continue on their journey, now better equipped than ever to meet the trials and challenges life has to offer.  Love and best wishes!

President Johnson and Elder Birrell with departing elders (left) Elders Mann, Green, Childs, Brown.

Elder Gates (back left) chats with departing missionaries - Sisters Purcell, Rosengren, Sampson, Sparks, Toupin and Elder Little

Blo-pong?  sure way to blow away any anxiety about leaving!

Farewell to a wonderful group!  Left:  Sisters Purcell, Rosengren, Sampson, Toupin, Sparks
Elders Brown, Mann, Childs and Green.  Elder Little's flight was earlier so he is not in this picture.
President and Sister Johnson in the middle behind the group.

Sisters Lindsay and Aston sign the mission flag.

Elder Hunsaker, Sisters Aston, Lindsay, Bradshaw, Petersen and Elder Henshaw

Elders Henshaw, Hunsaker, Sisters Petersen, Bradshaw, Aston and Lindsay with Pres. Johnson

One last hike!  Front left:  Sisters Toupin, Sparks, Sampson, Johnson, President Johnson
Middle:  Sisters Rosengren and Purcell
3rd row:  Elders Gates, Green, Clarkson and Mann
Back:  Elders Brown, Childs and Little

Mission assistants drove the "big bruiser" van around the mission to pick up some of our missionaries who are leaving.