Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 2015 Welcome New Missionaries to PPM

This group of missionaries proved to be determined to come to Pennsylvania as their flight was delayed and then cancelled and they spent the better of two nights traveling to the airport!  We were so relieved when they finally arrived safe and sound.
Left:  Elders Hawley, Ramos, Perry, Sisters Thompson, Sears, Manumaleuna, Crisp, Ewing-DiBari, and Hokafonu


Elders Ramos and Smith

Sisters Manumaleuna and Lindsay

Sisters Hokafonu and Toupin 

Sisters Thompson and Bennett

Sisters Wade and Di Bari
Sisters Davis and Sears

Elders Sorensen and Perry

Elders Hawley and Saylor

Sisters Moss and Crisp

      At the West End Overlook

      Training Day in Greentree

Farewell and Thank-you to the Glovers

Elder and Sister Glover have served in the Phillipsburg branch for the past 18 months.  They are deeply loved and have impacted many lives for good.  We wish them well as they return to their family.  We will miss them!

Welcome to the Hansons

In March we welcomed Elder and Sister Hanson to the PPM!  They are from Blackfoot, ID and will be a great asset to the missionary force in Pennsylvania.

April 2015 Senior Missionary Conference

We have a fantastic group of senior missionaries here in PPM.  They make a tremendous difference here and we are so very blessed to serve with them!
Left:  Elder and Sister Hanson (new), Elder and Sister Glover, President and Sister Johnson, 
Elder and Sister Swingholm, Elder and Sister Butler,  Elder and Sister Barney, Elder and Sister Clarkson, Elder and Sister Elcock and Sister Casler

Left:  Sisters Hanson, Swingholm, Butler, Elcock, Johnson, Barney, Glover and Clarkson

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 2015 MLC

Front:  Sisters Bradshaw, Cottam, Tolman, Rosengren
2nd Row: Sister Johnson, Elders Miller, Kocherhans, Sisters Jarvis, Duncan, Hodson, Sampson
3rd Row:  President Johnson, Elders Scott, Bryant, Sisters Talbot, Bills, Elders Garduno, Boren, Little
4th Row:  Elders Lewis, Masina, Vasallo, Gates, Brimley, Guerrero, Hebdon, Liston, Harper
5th Row (middle back):  Holladay, O'Brien, Stokes, LaBaron

Monday, April 6, 2015

Road Trip Reward

After being on the road all week - we made a stop in Harrisburg for a treat!

Can this be "President Johnson" day?  PJ
Best ice cream ever!
Elders Hunsaker, Harper, Pres. Johnson,
Elders Birrell and Vassallo

Ready to head back to Pittsburgh...

March 2015 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

Sisters Johnson, Bradshaw, Busath, Jarvis and Landa

Elders Guerrero, Whitney and Sister Lopez

Front:  Sisters Blake and Romero
2nd row:  Sisters Blackwell, Lopez, Aston, Zaugg, Johnson, Bradshaw, Busath, Jarvis, Landa
3rd row:  Sisters Wilson and Jones

Sister Aston with Elders McDonald, Ashton, and. Vassallo 

Sisters Swingholm, Anderson, Bennett, Jarvis, Talbot, Bills, Landa, and Busath

A "Cafe Rio" lunch!

Our lovely cooks!

Singing "Called to Serve" as a thank you to our hostesses!

How many people can squeeze into one selfie?


Kneeling:   Elders Ibarra, Whitney, Hunsaker, Clarkson, Cuthbert, Wadsworth, Ginos, Peers, Guerrero, Birrell, Ashton, Gates, Doyle, Ekins, Liston, Alfonso and Camp
2nd row:  Pres. Johnson, Sisters Johnson, Blake, Busath, Blackwell, Lopez, Romero, Clarkson, Ludwig, Aston, Wilson,  Jones, Stokes, Amendola, Bradshaw, Jarvis,  Bennett, Anderson, Elders Woll,  Brown, President Mauro
3rd row:  Elders Mueller, Rose, Swingholm, Sisters Swingholm, Landa, Bills, Talbot, Roberts, Zaugg, Elders Tengberg, O'Brien, Alexander, Bell, Grimmett, Boren, Shepard, Averett, Gray
4th row in the center:  Elders Holman, Klima, Woodbury, Casper, 
On Stage:  Elders Wood, Lundgren, Man, Tidwell, Harper, Curtis, Crook, Whitby, Woods, Justesen, Bashein, Wilt, Kocherhans, Beck, McDonald and Harley

March 2015 Zone Conference in State College

Elders Farnsworth, Hyer, Glick and Henshaw

Elder Redford with Sisters Wilde and Moss

Elders Gehrke, Boekweg and Duffy

Sister Hodson with Elders O'Keefe and Saylor

Elders Millis and Redd

Elders Haws and Masina

Elders Harper, Bumgarner and Vassallo 

Wonderful sisters who made a delicious lunch for our large group!

                                           ALTOONA and WILLIAMSPORT ZONES 

Front Row:  Elders Jackson, Saylor (behind), Taylor, Mercer, Hill, Redford, Glick, Birrell, Haws, Scott, Bumgarner, O' Keefe
2nd - 3rd Row:  Sisters Barney, Glover, Hansen, Sampson, Hodson, Jones, Wilde, Johnson, Moss, Hathaway, Meyers, Rock, Crockett, Peterson, Sparks, Lindsay, Elder Foster, Sister Swingholm, Elders Hunsaker, Swingholm, President Mauro, Sister Johnson, President Johnson
4th row:  Elders Barney, Glover, Hansen, Hyer, Boekweg, Haskins, Duffy, Hale, Hughes, Vassallo, Masino, Larsen, Hebdon, Stevens, Beal, Griffin, Stowe
5th Row:  Elders Baxter, Green, Gehrke, Harding, Redd, Mills, Sorensen, Henshaw, Farnsworth, Cooley, Millis and Harper

March 2015 Zone Conference in Cranberry

Elders Watkins, Wright and Brimley
Elder Hunsaker and Elder Draper with Elder Watkins in the back
                              PITTSBURGH NORTH and JAMESTOWN ZONES
Front left:  Elders Birrell, Ord, Rackham, Muir, Harper, Bryant, Garduno, Haskins, Lewis and Gille
2nd Row:  Elders Gibson, Christensen, Brimley, Andrade, Sisters Purcell, Wyasket, Wade, Buetler,
Robinson,  Toupin, Gates, Davis, Elders Story, Demke, Sisters Swingholm, Johnson
3rd Row and behind:  Elders Hunsaker, Smith, Thurtle, Gee, Chen, Elliott,  Bramwell, Searle, Wright,
Schofield, Watkins, Vassallo, Andersen, Hansen, Johnson, Devey, Draper, Hummer, Wells, Weatherston, Isom, Lee, Daynes, Stallings, President Manley, Elder Swingholm, President Miller

March 2015 Zone Conference in Greentree

Zone Conference is divided by four in our large mission!  First stop Greentree . . .training on goal setting, using time wisely and the measure of hearts that receive the word filled the days.  Beautiful music performed by many individuals and testimonies of departing missionaries enabled the Spirit to fill us up and inspire us at each location!

Elder Tunquist taking a shot during a break.

                                      PITTSBURGH WEST and PITTSBURGH ZONES
Back left: Elders Vasscallo, Mason, Birrell, Miller, LeBaron, Holladay, Sister and Elder Swingholm,
Elders Butler, Harper, Wilson, Gamble, and Uchytil 
4th Row:  Elders Hinckley, Hunsaker, Andrade, Hoyt, Nash, Sister Butler, Elders Almond, Gish
3rd Row:  Elders Trotman, Taylor, Tunquist, May, Little, Childs, Bowers, Ivie, President Johnson 
2nd Row:  Sisters Jex, Hinkle, Elders Loretto, DeFreese, Pennington, George, Whitmire, Saylor,        Whipple, Brown, Baker, Sister Johnson
1st Row:  Sisters Mortimer, Sibley, Hadzik, Wadsworth, Palmer, Oliver, Cottam, Duncan, Smith,
                Tolman and Rosengren

Elder Hunsaker, President Johnson and Elder Birrell

Elder Harper drove the mission van from each location filled with supplies, our office Elders (Hunsaker and Birrell) and Pres. and Sister Johnson.

The wonderful sisters who prepared lunch for these zones.

Sisters Wadsworth, Palmer, Cottam, Rosengren and Jex

Back row:  Sisters Tolman, Wadsworth, Palmer, Cottam, Rosengren, Jex, and Duncan
Front row:  Sisters Johnson, Oliver, Mortimer, Hinkle, and Smith

elders Andrade, Tunquist and Gamble