Monday, October 27, 2014

Here and There

President Johnson has been conducting interviews throughout the month of October.  Here are some of the districts we visited:

Camp Hill District
Back left:  President Johnson, Elders Horsely, Tangberg, Kocherhans, Gates, Hyer & Stevens
Front left:  Sisters Johnson, Lindsay, Stokes, Purcell & Rosengren
Cranberry District
Left:  Elders Beck, Woods, McDonald, Trotman, Baxter, Holman and President Johnson
         Sisters Hodson, Valikoula and Johnson
Hershey District
Left:  Elders Cluff, Whitby, Larsen and George
         Sisters Bills and Tolman
University District
Left:  Sisters Bradshaw & Kuo, Elders DeFreese & Bryant, Sisters Zaugg & Sparks
Bearing one another's burden?
State College District
Left:  President & Sister Johnson, Sisters Burnett & Larsen, Elders Little, Jackson, Cook, Muir & Rosen
         Sister & Elder Glover.   Elder Adamson kneeling
Beaver District
Left:  Elders Peers & Saylor, Sisters Romero, Wilde, Winkler & Smith, Elders Walker & Ashton
Johnstown District
Back left:  Elders Barney, Brown, Workman, Cooley, Liston & President Johnson
                 Sister Barney, Elders Woll & Green & Sister Johnson
                                        Sisters Duncan & Baltazar
Pittsburgh 6 District
Back left:  Pres. Johnson, Elders May and Taylor
                Sisters Johnson, Pugmire, Walborn, Olvera and Pau'u
Carlisle District
Left:  Elders Shuppy & Haskins, Sisters Johnson & Denny, Elders Stevens & Lewis
Fairview District
Back left:  Elders Glick, Sheffer, Bashein, Whipple and Pres. Johnson
                 Sisters Hinkle, Robinson and Johnson

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Farewell to the Burbidges

Farewell to the Elder and Sister Burbidge!  Thank you for the wonderful service you have 
given here in the PPM!  We will miss you!  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

MLC To The Rescue

Thank you to Elder and Sister Thorne for gathering items for emergency kits for each companionship in the PPM.  Thank you to our MLC for assembling them!

Elders Vassallo, Ginos, Baggett, Gibson, Whitney and Sister Thorne

Sisters Moore, Chavez and Washburn
Sisters Jones and Thomas

The evening before our monthly MLC day the missionaries on the council who live in areas away from Pittsburgh travel in.  They stay with missionaries who live in the area.  

Elder Baggett and Elder Shields making preparations

Some of the council singing together . . .
The Sisters stayed at the mission home and Elders dropping them off enjoyed visiting for a 
    a little while before heading to stay with other a Elders.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Climbing to Higher Ground October 2014 MLC

The Missionary Leadership Council joined together for an early morning hike before we met together.

MLC hikers!  Back row:  Elders Shields, Packard, Doyle, Baggett, Christensen, Saylor, Birrell, Ginos, Ashton, Hill, Gipson, Vassallo, Whitney, Sorensen, Harper, Nash (Elder Dennison back there somewhere). Middle row:  Sisters Moore, Anderson, Williams, Jones, Jones, Petersen, Thomas,  Elder Bashein, Sister Weloth. front Row:  Sisters Washburn, Wade, Chavez, Elders Johnson, Whipple, 
Sister Gates 
Eating breakfast at the trail . . .
Elder Vassallo and Sister Gates
President Johnson, Sisters Jones, Peterson, Elders Gibson and Hill
Elder Saylor, Sisters Jones, Thomas and Williams
Sisters Gates, Weloth, Williams, Jones, Thomas, Jones, Petersen, Anderson, Chavez, Moore, 
    Washburn and Wade
Elders Ashton, Saylor, and Bashien
Sister Johnson with Sisters Washburn, Moore, Gates, Weloth, Williams, Anderson and Elder Gibson
Elder Whitney, Sisters Jones, Petersen and Bashein
Elders Baggett and Whipple

We Bid Thee Adieu

It is such a bittersweet experience as we bid farewell to our missionaries who have completed their service and are heading home!  This time we were able to take them hiking on the trails near the mission home after dinner.
Elder Nash, Sisters Kiinney and Doxie, Elders Slesk, Shields, Boyd, our son Andrew and Elder Olsen

Elders Slesk, Boyd, and Leavitt
Sisters Hill and Thatcher
Top left:  President Johnson, Sister Thatcher, Elder Broom, Sister Thompson, Elder Olsen, Elder Harris
Middle:  Sisters Hill, Doxey, Kinney and Elder Peckham
Front:  Sister Johnson, Elders Boyd, Cooper, Stockman, and Leavitt and Slesk

E Olsen fixing my cupboard with his father looking on!
A very joyful reunion!  Elder Stockman and his parents.
Sister Doxie with her Mom and Sister :)
Elder Cooper and his Mom with Preident and Sister Johnson
Sister Kinney with her Mom and Dad
Back left:  Elders Cooper, Olsen, Leavitt, Broom, Peckham, Boyd, Harris, Stockman, Slesk
Front row:  Kinney, Doxie, Thompson, Thatcher and Hill

Friday, October 3, 2014

WELCOME TO PPM ~ September Transfers

September brought us 20 new missionaries to the PPM!
   Here Elder Gray, Elder Liston and Elder O'Keefe
Sisters Bennett, Palmer, Talbot and Jarvis
Loading up the luggage . . .
Viewing the city of Pittsburgh 
A happy moment together!
Back row:  Elders Hummer, O'Keefe, May, Bramwell, Liston, Schofield, Horsely, Holman, 
                  President Johnson and Elder Andrade
Front row:  Elders Rosen, Saylor, Wilson, Mueller, Gray, Beal, Sisters Palmer, Bennett, Jarvis
                 Talbot and Johnson
Sisters Talbot, Bennett, Palmer, Jarvis and Johnson
Shiny and new!
Lunch time at transfer meeting 
Elder Packard . . . Coming in from Amish country!
Lots of hellos and best wishes during transfers
Elders Searle, Reeves, Thurtle, Boyd and Howell
Sisters Williams, Kuo, Lopez and Hill
An unusual companion for Sister Washburn!
Still hungry? 
Going out with a bang?  Sister Thompson, Elder Broom, and Elder Harris
Elder Smith