Sunday, October 4, 2015

September 2015 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

"I have experienced a powerful lesson in learning to listen. It was all from God inspiring us to stop and take the time to listen as we were teaching a lesson. We asked a woman how she felt as she heard the lesson on the first vision. She said she had definitely felt something. We were able to testify that what she felt was from God and it was indeed the spirit testifying truth to her. I know that if we would have just continued on with the lesson we would've never had a spiritual experience as we all felt the spirit so strongly. Preach my gospel does a great job teaching us how we can listen better to be able to help those we teach have spiritual experiences and grow their faith in our Savior Jesus Christ." -Elder Gray

The Harrisburg, Lancaster and Chambersburg Zones
Front left:  Elders Tidwell, Holliday, Uchytil, Kap, Sisters Roberts, Hartman, Amendola, Meyers
           Elders Hughes, Schofield, Woodbury, Birrell, Curtis and Hoyt
2nd row:  Pres. And Sister Johnson, Elders Andrade, Gray, Gates, Posada, Haroldson, Smedley
      Sisters Simpson, Blackwell, Smith, Canseco, Thompson, Bennett, Davis, Landa, Bills, Clarkson
3rd row:  Elders Bell, Saylor, White, Woll, Ginos, Pres. Mauro, Elder Clarkson, Cook, Griffin, Eubanks, DeFreese, Williamson, Beal, Ekins with Guerrero on shoulders, Grimmett, Foster, Van Leeuwen, Hansen, Slade, Hatch, Sisters Jex, Young, Taunima, Howard, Durrant, Wadsworth, Wells, Allen, Campbell, Elders Cluff, Tunquist, Sister Zaugg, Elders Stallings, Wood, Siste Oliver, Elders Crook, May, and Mills!

Wonderful Sisters who fed us lunch!

left:  Sisters Oliver, Allen, Bennett, Campbell and Thompson 

Front left clockwise:  Sisters Zaugg, Canseco, Davis, Bills, Elder Crook, Sisters Landa and Wadsworth

Left:  Elders Andrade, Birrell, Curtis, Mills, Wood, Van Leeuwen and Eubanks

Thank you for the wonderful lunch!

Elder and Sister Clarkson travel with all through the mission and take care of details and car inspections.

Elders Saylor, Bell, Stallings and Schofield

Left:  Assistants - Elders Birrell and Gates, Pres. and Sister Johnson, Self-appointed Assistants to the Assistants - Sisters Bills, Davis and Caseco

Catching a little study time - Elder Van Leeuwen 

Left:  Elders Van yLeeuwen, Hansen, Smith, Birrell, Mills, Posada, Kap, Guerrero, May, Wood, Curtis and Garduno

So long!   

Elders Birrell and Bell

A great big THANK YOU to Elder Birrell and Elder Gates for the great job they have done with the trainings, logistics, and technical support this very busy month!

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