Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 2015 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

It has been a very special week and we have learned more about discipleship in this digital age!  

"Filters are useful tools, but the greatest filter in the world, the only one that ultimately works, is the personal filter that comes from a deep and abiding testimony of our Heavenly Father's love and our Savior's atoning sacrifice for each one of us."
                                                                                - Linda S. Reeves 

Singing a song of thanks to those who provided a wonderful lunch!

Thank you to these dear sisters who fed us so well!

Playing hacky sack!  Elders Tidwell, Boren and Klima
With Sisters Sampson, Bennett and Thompson
Front left:  Elders Birrell, May, Howard, Averett, Gray, Ivie, Cluff, Camp, Guerrero, Ashton, Harley, Beal, Whitby and Curtis
2nd row:  Sister Mauro, Elder Mauro, Sister Clarkson, Elder Clarkson, Sisters Tolman, Bills, Bennett, Thompson, Sampson, Blake, Wadsworth, Wilson, Zaugg, Oliver, Talbot, Blackwell, Bradshaw, Jarvis, Robinson, Canseco, Johnson and President Johnson
3rd row:  Elder Liston, Woll, Cuthbert, Stallings, Gee, Cooley, Boren, Ginos, Ibarra, Foster, Wood, Posada, Scott, Gates, Tunquist, Ekins, Sisters Allen, Purcell, Jex, Taunima , Roberts and Wells
Center 4th row:  Elders Woodbury, Wadsworth, Bell, Grimmett, O'Brien, Holman, Klima, Watkins, Tidwell and Griffin

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 2015 Zone Conference in State College

                                                     Disciples of Christ in the Digital Age
"These inspired tools will have their greatest power when used to further your purpose to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement."

Lunch break!  Sisters Wyasket, Hansen, Johnson, Jones, Ludwig, Manumaleuna, and Busath

Lunch is served!

Elders Haws, Masina, Shephard . . .

Elders Glick, Redford and Hughes

Sister Rock and Elder Trotman

Singing thanks to our kind lunch hostesses

Front left:  Elders Rose, O'Keefe, Loreto, Bashein, Whitmire, Bramwell, Birrell, Crook, Shepard, Trotman, Mills, Redford, Masina and Barney
2nd. row:  Elder and Sister Hansen, Sisters Crisp, Moss, Manumaleuna, Lindsey, Wyasket, Busath, Ludwig, Jones, Clarkson, Amendola, Rock, Johnson, Hansen, Barney and Johnson
3rd row:  Elder Childs, Pres. Mauro, Elders Baker, Uchityl, Gates, Glick, Green, Bowers, Hughes, Rackham, Defreese, Bryant, Haws, Hummer, Taylor, Beck, Harper, Pennington, Hale, Wells, Casper, Perry, Baumgarner, Sorenson, Clarkson, Millis and Pres. Johnson

June 2015 Zone Conference in Cranberry

                                                Disciples in the Digital Age  

"When used appropriately, digital devices will provide marvelous opportunities to deepen others' 
commitment to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel!"

Front left:  Elder and Sister Clarkson, Sistersl Wade, Ewing-Di-Bari, Hokafonu, Toupin, Sears, Davis,                  Buetler, Mortimer, Peterson, DeMille, Jones and Duncan
2nd Row:  Elders Gates, Christensen, Little, Isom, Henshaw, Duffy, Schofield, Tengberg, Daynes, Stevens, Story, Draper, Lundgren,Sister Johnson, Renteria and President Johnson
3rd Row:  Elders Gille, Birrell, Haskins, LeBaron, Kocherhans, Brown, Wilt, Redd, Johnson, Hansen, Mason, Gamble,  Smith, Jackson, Ramos, Hebdon, Wilson and Garduno

Sister Clarkson with Sisters Peterson and DeMille

President thanking the group that worked so hard to feed us lunch !

Thank you for a delicious lunch with Root Beer floats included!

Singing our appreciation 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 2015 Zone Conference in Green Tree

                                                    "Disciples of the Digital Age"

Training for this zone conference included:
     President Johnson trained the missionaries on, "Matching Tools To The Task", "Conversion Between Lessons" and "Keeping Perspective In Missionary Work"
     Sister Johnson trained on "Developing An Impenetrable Sheild of Faith"
     Elder Clarkson gave training on "Remembering Safety As We Travel", "Proper Care of Our Vehicles"
     Elder Birrell and Elder Gates trained on Sharing the Gospel Using Social Media Appropriately

Highlights were the testimonies of departing missionaries and the musical talents of so many of our missionaries that were shared!

Each of us "can own the most effective filter of all, our own impenetrable shield of faith!"

Sisters Rosengren, Palmer, Ewell, Sparks, Sibley, Crockett and Meyers enjoying lunch!

Elder Butler

Elder Elliot 

Sisters Huffaker, Smith, Landa, Smith, Durfee and Aston

Elder Brown 

Elders Hinckley, Gehrke, Gates, Woods, Shuppy, Elliot, and Hyer

Elders Ord, Lindford, Birrell, Hunsaker, Sister Clarkson and Elder Clarkson

The wonderful crew that fed us lunch!

Singing our thanks to them

1st Row:  Elder Clarkson, Sisters Clarkson, Landa, Palmer, Rosengren, Smith, Elders Andrade, Farnsworth and Sister Johnson
2nd Row:  Elders Hawley, Saylor, Sisters Sparks,  Aston, Smith, Durfee, Huffaker, Brown, Miller, President Johnson
3rd Row Sisters:  Sisters Sibley, Ewell, Elders Ord, Whitney
3rd Row:  Elders Wright, Hinckley, Lindford, Crockett, Butler, Meyers, Gates, Hunsaker and Elliot
Back left:  Elders Hyer, Holladay, Butler, Ross, Shuppy, Woods, Gehrke, Mann, Baxter, George, Birrell and Devey

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Special Moments

       "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

Sister Busath and Sister Ludwig

Sister Durfee and Sister Ashton happen to be from the same area in Arizona!

"Airdropping" left:  Elder Taylor, Hummer, Defreese, Bower, Baker and Glick

A very special baptism for Brian Spencer.  Elders Holladay and Lee with Chase and Karen.

Stake Conference Weekend in Williamsport with Elder Haney and Elder Clayton of the First Quorum of Seventy.  (Above). With President Hoffman (below)
Back row left:  Elders Hummer, Glick, Whitmire, Taylor, Harper, Beck, Baker, Bower, Defreese
Middle left:  Elder Haney, Sisters Ludwig, Jones, Rock, Amendola, Pennington, and Elder Clayton
Front:  Sister Johnson and President Johnson

Same group with President Hoffman

Elder Woods with Don McNaughton and Elder Shuppy

After Stake Confeerence in Altoona
Elders Bramwell, Haws, Uchityl, President Johnson, O'Keefe, Crook, Mueller, Childs (above),
Masina, Rose and Redford

Two future missionaries from the Altoona Stake!

New companion?  Elder Bumgarner

A surprise visit from Tiffany Berry the former Sister Berry

Welcome to Gabbie Stephen's baptized May 16, 2015 by Elder Haskins

Elder Holiday with Bishop and Sister DuPont

President and Sister Johnson with Elder Saylor's family as they visited after he returned home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Farewell! June 2015

"Well done thou good and faithful servants!"        - Matt. 25

Front:  Elder Searle, Sisters Hodson, Romero, Hinkle, Cottam
Back left:  Mercer, Lee, Lewis, Saylor, Brinley, Stowe, Whipple, Larsen, Alexander, Andrade, Muir

Sisters Hinkle, Cottam,  Romero, Hodson, and Johnson
On the trail after dinner.

Elder Alexander and elder Saylor

At the airport . . .

Sisters Hinkle and Romero, Elders Whipple and Lewis

Sister Hadzik with her companion Sister Sparks as she 
says farewell and heads back to Temple Square.