Friday, September 19, 2014

Staying in Shape! (At least trying)

Several missionaries have asked us what we do for exercise.  We are so fortunate to have these beautiful hiking trails just across the street from our neighborhood!  There is also a bike trail just a few minutes down the road.  So we hike some mornings and bike other days.

President Johnson looking for Monarch caterpillars:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

PPM Zone Conferences

We spent four days this week in zone conferences throughout the mission.  There is an amazing energy when missionaries meet together!

Greentree Zones

A special "mission survival" cake created by Sister Rita Hoskins

Butler Zones

Wonderful food providers!

State College Zones
Sisters Hansen and Williams

Harrisburg Zones
Truly "joyful" being a missionary!

Out With the Old . . . In With the New!

Every 6 weeks we welcome new missionaries to the PPM and we say farewell to those who have faithfully served - 18 months for the sisters and 24 months for the elders,  I truly stand all amazed at their devotion to the Lord and the fine teachers they have become!

On August 11, 2014 we welcomed 14 new missionaries.  Here they are on our stop at Mt. Washington above Pittsburgh on the way to the mission home.

Left front:  Sisters Bills, Duncan, Robinson, Johnson,  Elders Shields, Whitby, DeFreese, Carlisle, 
                 Lundgren, Garduno
Left back:  Elders Dennison, Devey, President Johnson, Elders Draper, Masina, Gee, Miller, Woll

Older but much wiser!  Left to Right:  Elders Larsen, Allred, Hunt, Perkins, Jones, Lozano,
Bowles, Gassman, Fairbourn, King. Seated below:  Sisters Plater, Ferrin, Hallsted

We welcomed sister Kuo, a Temple Square missionary from Taiwan to the PPM for two transfers. Sister Stokes (left), Sister Kuo (center), Sister Weloth

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mission Leadership Council

Each month we meet for a day to counsel with our missionary leadership at Mission Leadership Council.  There is training, reports on what is happening in each area of the mission, stories of lives being changed, and discussion on concerns and other  things that we need to counsel together.  It is truly inspiring to serve with these missionaries!

Sister Training Leaders. August 2014
Elder Vassallo, Sister Doxey, Sister Morphy, Elder Weatherston, Elder Saylor
Sister Patricia Joseph helps us with our lunch.
Elders Hill and Clegg
Sister Berry at the piano
Elders Hebdon, Durham, Saylor, Cook, Smith, Christensen, Doyle
Sisters Law and Blake, Elder Saylor
Elders Saylor and Bashein, Sisters Thomas and Jones
Elders Searle and Demke
Sisters Smith and Blake

Can't get enough food?

Elder Brown
September MLC