Saturday, December 26, 2015

Goodbye to an old friend...

The large birch tree in the front yard has witnessed much change over the years in this wonderful mission home of 40 years.  Sadly a disease made it necessary to take it down this month.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

Front left:  Elders Story, Bramwell, Bowers, Baker, Duffy, Schofield and Walker
2nd row:  Sisters Christensen, Sitting: Sisters Wells, Campbell, Meyers, Amendola, Johnson, President Johnson, Sisters Sears, Smith, Durrant, Jex and Douglas
3rd row:  Elder Christensen, Sisters Young, Clarkson, Noorlander, Bennett, Davis, Blackwell, Landa, Ewell, Wilson, Robinson, Blake, Hartman, Canseco, Simpson, Elders Johnson and Pirzadeh 
4th row:  Elders Clarkson, White, Eubanks, Gee, Woll, Gille, Ross, Wilson, Andrade, Gates, Ibarra, Davis, Kapp, Sister and President Giles, Elders Ramos, Saylor, Cook, Williamson and Smedley
Back:  Elders Miller, Curtis, Hansen, Hughes, Hansen, Woodbury, Casper, VanLeeuwen, Mills, Devey, Ord, Bryant, Elliot, Tunquist, Wadsworth and Hatch

Wonderful lunch providers!

Harrisburg Stake President Giles joined us for part of the day.

President Giles with Elder Walker

Sisters Jex and Douglas, Elders Gee, White and Schofield

Elders Saylor, Cook, Ramos, Johnson and Story

Sister Amendola and Sister Johnson

Singing a song of thanks!

The "nose warmers" were made with love by President Johnson's sister Kathy Thatcher. 

December 2015 Zone Conference in State College

Front left:  Sister Hale, Durfee, Taunima, Elders Loreto, Haroldsen, Sisters Christensen, Samuelson, Johnson, Hansen, Clarkson, Elders Hummer, LeBaron, Herzog and Ekins
Second and third rows:  Sister Crisp, Hokafonu, Elder Whitby, Sister Crockett, Sister Manumaleuna, Elders Cuthbert, Baxter, Miller, Christensen below, Sister Duncan, Elder Samuelson, Sister Hamblin, Elder Aitken, President Johnson, Elder Isom, Sister Jarvis, Elder Posada, Elder Hansen, Sisters Palmer, Thorson, McDonald, Talbot, Bartlett, Ewing Di Bari, 
Back:  Elders Parke, Wilson, Woods, Beal, Cooley, Holman, Cluff, Millis, Lundberg, Scott, Robertson, Nelson, Bryant, Ginos, LaFon, Harley, Griffin, Bramwell, Hansen, Ivie and Pennington

Lunch is served!  Thank you!

Sing a song of thanks!

The Johnsons with Elder and Sister Samuelson