Sunday, January 29, 2017

MLC January 2017

Our Mission Leadership Council consists of Zone Leaders, Assistants to the President, Sister Training Leaders and President and Sister Johnson.

The white handbook outlines 


Leaders inspire and support those they serve. In addition to setting a strong example, they:

    Represent the mission president in carrying out his plans for the mission.

    Convey information and direction from the mission president promptly and clearly.

    Inspire others to have a spirit of love, unity, obedience, and hard work.

    Encourage missionaries to live a high standard of obedience, especially by living the first principles of the gospel.

    Help missionaries become powerful and fruitful in each phase of missionary work, including finding and teaching investigators and working with members.

    Teach other missionaries in companionship study, companion exchanges, district meetings, and other settings.

    Discuss the progress of the missionaries’ contacts incompanionship planning sessions, in district meetings, during weekly call-in reports, and in other interactions with missionaries.

    Share with the mission president and with other leaders (when appropriate) information on the progress and needs of the missionaries. Leaders are especially sensitive to needs and situations that could present dangers to a missionary’s spiritual or physical well-being and make sure the mission president knows about these matters.

    Correct missionaries’ conduct when needed (see D&C 121:41–44).

Opportunities to lead other missionaries should never be treated lightly. A leader should never tolerate or participate in inappropriate activities. Opportunities to correct the attitudes or behavior of other missionaries are important teaching moments. When handled with love, these opportunities build faithfulness and effectiveness in those who may otherwise fall short of what the Lord expects of them. When problems are not resolved, leaders should seek help from other leaders or the mission president.

Missionary leaders should always remember that their loyalty is first to the Lord, then to their mission president, then to the missionaries.

Sister Training Leaders

* Are members of and participate in the mission leadership council (MLC).

* Are experienced and exemplary missionaries who serve in a companionship with another sister training leader.

* Are responsible for the training and welfare of sister missionaries assigned to them.

* Maintain a vibrant proselyting area in addition to working regularly with other sisters.

* Conduct 24 hour companion exchanges every six weeks with each companionship of sisters assigned to them. Report directly to the mission president on Sister's issues.

* Are assigned to a specific zone.  However it is not necessary to have a companionship of sister training leaders in every zone. Depending on mission geography the mission president may assign leaders to train sisters in a single or multiple zone area.

* Function as members of districts and zones and assist the mission president, zone leaders, and district leaders in training meetings and zone conferences.

Read D&C 121:34-46

Under the direction of the Mission President the Assistants prepare trainings that will be taken to individual zones by the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  Elder Parke and Elder White presented an outstanding discussion on:

Members of the MLC
Elders Cooper, Swisher, Herzog and Bryner

Sisters Simonsen, McDonald, Durrant and Thorson 

Elders Syndergaard, Cuthbert, Goeckeritz and McGee

Sisters Wall, Jacobsen, Andrews and Haroldsen 

Elders Gneiting, Walker, Wilson and Montgomery 

Sisters Smith, Palmer, Simpson and Faamaile 

President and Sister Johnson, Elders White and Parke

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Farewell and Best Wishes! January 2017

January 18, 2017 seven elders returned home with honor having served faithfully for two years in the PPM.  

Left:  Elders Baker, Mills, Loreto, Elliott, Taylor, Hansen and Foster

 Here is how these seven elders summarized their experience serving in the PPM:

My Mission Was Successful Because ...

 "Christ and His gospel has taught me how to have love for people and overcome my anxieties."  

"I learned that success comes from trying our hardest.  The Spirit helps us when we feel we aren't doing that."  

"I have learned that I am a son of God.  This gospel has helped me to gain an appreciation for the simple things we can do that will make a difference for people.  This has been a life changing experience!"

"I have seen how much the Spirit works with us and enable me to feel that love.  

The Spirit fills the gap.  I love my Savior!  I have learned to slowdown, I  have learned to follow the Holy Ghost." 

"Jesus Christ has refined us through his atonement.  I have seen people develop faith.  I will serve the Lord for the remainder of my life!"

"Learned to understand the workings of the Spirit!  I am changed.  I have totally changed through Jesus Christ.  I have learned to share that through being an example.  If we continue on we will prosper in the land.  Coming to my Savior Jesus Christ has changed my life!"

"I have come to know my Heavenly Father in a much more profound way.  Putting my trust in Him has made me.  I can look into the eyes of my Savior and know that he loves me.  I love my Savior!"


Mission Life

Transfer day means moving for many!
Sister Maya, Elder English and Sister Jackson all joined the church just a short time before coming to serve a mission!  Their paths crossed in Monongahela.

Elder Halls and Elder Ibarra are Spanish speakers and are headed to their area in Pittsburgh.

Elder Richardson demonstrates the stress sometimes experienced on transfer day!

Sisters Nelson and Campbell
It is exciting to have a new companion and head out to serve in a new or old area!

Sister's Yorgason and Nelson

Sister Jacobsen and Sister Wall
They go with a smile on their faces!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome To The PPM

On January 16, 2017 Sixteen new missionaries arrived in Pittsburgh!  We are excited to get to know them and serve together inviting and helping others to build their faith in Jesus Christ.

Alma 31
34 O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ.
35 Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee.

Elder Kap returned to the PPM after going home for knee surgery.  

At the mission home on Monday evening.

Training in Green Tree on Tuesday.

Welcome to the PPM
Elders:  Afungia, Fonbuena, Duley, Gatrell, Rucker, Smith, Krentz, and Jarvis
Sisters:  Heider, Hill, DeWidt, Holt, Parry, Robison, Breshears, Tew 

Sister Belnap will be training Sister DeWidt

Elder Chafin will train Elder Jarvis

Elder Davidson will train Elder Krentz 

Sister Bartlett training Sister Robison 

Sister Jackson training Sister Hill

Elder Duley will be trained by Elder Smedley

Elder Ramos training Elder Fonbuena 

Sister Kelly training Sister Heider

Sister Morgan will train Sister Holt

Sister Parry will be trained by Sister Roper

Elder Bryan will train Elder Rucker

Elder Daines will train Elder Afungia 

Sister Hegewald training Sister Tew

Elder Richens training Elder Smith

Elder Gray will train Elder Gatrell 

Sister Breshears will be trained by Sister Carr