Saturday, May 30, 2015

Historic Mission Event May 21, 2015

Missionaries carry several teaching tools in their everyday lives.  They of course have scriptures which are one of the best tools for teaching.  They have pamphlets, and other wonderful materials provided.  But this week our missionaries all received a long awaited tool an I-pad which is a device that will be a blessing for their work if used wisely.  Brother Tracy Watson and Chris Randal came from the Missionary Department  in Salt Lake City, Utah to help us train our mission.  They were powerful teachers.  We had over 200 missionaries together for the afternoon in Cranberry, PA.   To use this tool in the best way to hasten the Lord's work requires missionaries who are focused on the Savior and His purpose for them.  Their hearts must be pure.  Continually seeking the Holy Ghost will strengthen their ability to be safe.  Replacing old habits with good habits for use of these devices will bless them for the rest of their lives!

"The greatest protection and filter when working on-line is your heart and mind.  In D&C 112:28 the Lord instructs:  but purify your hearts before me; and then go ye unto all the world; and preach my gospel unto every creature."

Elder Nelson Perspective (view of an apostle)
    Mobile devices are but tools to facilitate the Lord's work.  They are neither the focus of nor the reason for the hastening.  Like a magnifying glass, they enhance our focus in fulfilling the Lord 's work at this time."

Sister Barney, Elder and Sister Hanson

Elder Watkins
Sisters Palmer, Smith, Oliver and Talbot

Reunions from MTC!  Sister Bills and Elder Lundgren
Elders Hebdon and Bowers
Elders Devey, Woodbury, and LeBaron
Elder Casper seems to be taller every time I see him!

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission

May 21, 2015

Front Row (Left to right) – S. Zaugg, S. Aston, S. Blackwell, Stacy Jones, S. Bradshaw, S. Wade, S. Wyasket, S. Sears, S. Romero, S. Busath, S. Amendola, S. Bills, S. Talbot, S. Roberts

Second Row – P. Johnson, S. Johnson, S. Robinson, S. Hinkle, S. Buetler, S. Mortimer, S. Sparks, S. Hadzik, S. Blake, S. Moss, S. Johnson, Shayla Jones, S. Clarkson, S. Peterson, S. Davis, S. Tolman, S. Cottam, S. Duncan, S. Smith, S. Ludwig, S. Wadsworth, S. Nobbs, P. Nobbs 

Third Row – S. Casler, S. Jarvis, S. Myers, S. Rock, S. Toupin, S. Wilson, S. Lindsay, S. Crockett, S. Sibley, S. Sampson, S. Hodson, S. Purcxell, S. Rosengren, S. Palmer, S. Bennett, S. Thompson, S. Landa, S. Oliver, S. Hansen, S. Barney, E. Clarkson, E. Hunsaker

Fourth row – S. Elcock, S. Jex, S. Butler, S. Crisp, S. Hokafonu, S. Manumaleuna, E. Holman, E. Wilt, E. Liston, S. Ewing-Dibari, E. A. Saylor, S. Swingholm, E. Swingholm, E. Hansen, E. Barney

Fifth Row – E. Elcock, E. Butler, E. Green, E. Curtis, E. Miller, E. Rackham, E. Tengberg, E. Ashton, E. Linford, E. Christensen, E. Alexander, E. Story, E. J. Saylor, E. O’Brien, E. Ramos, E. Hawley, E. Taylor

Sixth Row – E. Shuppy, E. Birrell, E. Beck, E. Schofield, E. Bumgarner, E. Gee, E. Redd, E. Trotman, E. Johnson, E. Childs, E. Little, E. Farnsworth, E. Henshaw, E. Mann, E. Foster, E. Perry, E. Smith, E. Sorenson, E. Uchatyl

Seventh Row – E. Woll, E. Rose, E. O’Keefe, E. Ivie, E. Grimmett, E, Harley, E. Ekins, E. Glick, E. Muir, E. Wilson, E. Tunquist, E. Renteria, E. Wright, E. Ibarra, E. Camp, E. Gates, E. Bell, E. Wadsworth, E. Bowers, E. Baker, E. J. Brown

Eighth Row – E. Draper, E. Hummer, E. Hebdon, E. Devey, E. LeBaron, E. Woodbury, E. Stowe, E. Garduno, E. Millis, E. Ginos, E. Stallings, E. Cuthbert, E. Bryant, E. Boren, E, Crook, E. Cooley, E. Lewis, E. Cluff, E. Whitney, E. Hoyt, E. May, E. Bell, E. Haskins

Ninth Row -- E. Griffin, E. Redford, E. Averett, E. Gehrke, E. Duffy, E. Gray, E. Watkins, E. Ord, E. Gille, E. Mueller, E. Mills, E. Hale, E. Isom, E. Hyer, E. Hughes, E. Elliott, E. Brimley, E. Searle, E. A. Andrade, E. R. Andrade, E. Gamble, E. Hinckley, E. Baxter, E. Pennington

Tenth Row – E. Whitby, E. Beale, E Kocherhans, E. Larsen, E. Hansen, E. Stevens, E. Casper, E. Masina, E. Loreto, E. Tidwell, E. Shepard, E. Woods, E. Defreese, E. mason, E. Klima, E. Jackson, E. Guerrero, E. Haws, E. Bashien, E Mercer, E. Lundgren, E. Whipple, E. Daynes, E. Harper, E. Wood, E. Holladay, E. Scott, E. Bramwell, E. George, E. Lee, E. Whitmire    


Zone Trainings in May 2015

                             Planning and Using Pamphlets in Short Powerful Lessons
Two key components of effective planning is knowing where you are and where you want to go!
                              Distance between those two key components  = PLAN
  First we set our goal (vision, destination, target)  then we make a plan (what needs to happen, brainstorm ideas, receive inspiration through prayer and pondering and sharing perspective)
                                                       Walk forward or take action!

            "Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish."

Elder Hansen and Lundgren
President Johnson is passionate about goal setting and planning!
Back row:  Elders Hebdon, Redford, Glick, DeFreese, Larsen and Whitmire
Front:  Sisters Meyers, Rock, Sampson and Ludwig
Role plays!  Teach those 7 minute lessons using pamphlets!  Sisters Bills and Talbot
Elder Ashton and Tidwell

Sisters Wilson and Jones

Elders Tenberg and Woodbury

Elders Ginos and Cuthbert

Elders Woll and Grimmett

The Pittsburgh West zone

Pittsburgh Zone

State College 


Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Cinco de Mayo" May 2015

The Swingholms organized a festive dinner for the Sr. couples.  What a special group of missionaries!

Elder and Sister Hanson with Elder Elcock
Elder Swingholm, Elder and Sister Butler
Sisters Elcock and Clarkson

Elder and Sister Swingholm with Elder Hanson  and Elder Butler
Others attending were Elder and Sister Barney,  Brother and Sister Casler, Elder Clarkson and President and Sister Johnson

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Farewell to Yinz! April 2015

Another group of great missionaries have completed their time in the PPM. An analogy we shared with them is to "stay in the boat"!  Life can be compared to traveling down a river and it is imperative to have a good boat to weather the rapids.  The boat could be compared to the Doctrine of Christ which is our purpose as missionaries.  This is not something that we leave behind when we go home because it is essential  for salvation.  If they will hold fast to the doctrine of Christ throughout their lives they can face any challenge with confidence in Jesus Christ.  If they jump out of the boat and try traveling the river without the boat, they will be subject to the rapids without the protection and strength of Christ.  We pray that each of you will stay in the boat as you continue on your journey!
Elder Gibson ready to go!
Front:  Sisters Anderson, Hathaway, and Wilde
2nd row:  Sisters Lopez, Stokes and Gates, Elders Hill, Adamson (behind), Elder Andersen
Couch:  Elders Weatherston, McDonald, Gibson, Justessen, Almond, Devey, Taylor, Boekweg, Vasallo, Peers  back:  Elder Doyle
PJ Time - Elder McDonald
Elder Vasallo saying farewell to His companion Elder Harper
Elder Vasallo with his father!
Sister Wilde and . . . Her parents!

April 2015 Transfers

With a large group leaving the mission, and a smaller group of new missionaries, there are many changes in the mission this month.  Through every transfer we hold our purpose as an anchoring force!
    "Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

Here are some of those changes!  Missionaries shown without a companion are heading out to the east side of the mission and will meet their companions there.

Elders Millis and Casper

Elder Ivie

Elders Mills and Hale

Sister Tolman

Elder Bowers

Sister Robinson

Elder Cooley

Sister Jex

Elder Hummer

Elder Stowe

Sister Purcell

Elder DeFreese

Elder Loreto

Elder Bryant

Elders Haws and Uchytil 

Elders Shepard and Bashein

Elder Childs

Elders Muir and Little

Elders Wright and Tunquist

Elders Mann and George

Sisters Rosengren and Palmer

Elders Gille and Redd

Elders Stevens and Lewis

Elders Shuppy and Rackham

Elder Gamble

Elders Farnsworth and Baker

Elders Hyer and Gish

Sisters Landa and Wadsworth

Elders Miller and Baxter

Elder Saylor 

Sisters Mortimer and Beutler

Elder Crook

Elders Cluff and Brown

Elder Stallings

Sisters Hinkle, Crockett, and Aston

Elders Brown and Haskins

Sisters Wyasket and Peterson

Elders Woods and Trotman

Elders Mason and Schofield

Sisters Sparks, Sibley and Hadzik

Elders Hunsaker and Taylor

Elder Saylor (not so sad after all)

Elder Duffy
God-speed everyone!