Sunday, October 4, 2015

Joyfully Entering In At the Gate

1-Oct 2015
Tonight we attended the baptism of Belle in Pittsburgh.  She has changed her life for good through developing faith in Christ and repenting!  Elder Whitney and Davis have taught her.
    Sister Stoddard spoke at Belle's baptism.  She talked about the symbols of baptism. Of course water is one of the symbols it symbolizes washing - being made clean.  But just as it requires soap to remove the dirt from our bodies to make it slippery so that the water can wash it off, the atonement is like eternal soap.  When we receive or "apply" the atonement we can truly become clean.  Our sins are literally washed away.  
   The water also symbolizes birth.  When we are born we are literally in water in the womb and as we are born we are given new life.  Christ told Nicodemus that he must be born again. Nicodemus wondered how he could do that seeing he that he was a grown man. Christ said, except a man be born of the water and of the Spirit he cannot rise again. The water symbolizing baptism and the spirit - the Holy Ghost - which we receive after baptism. 
  We are immersed in the water or buried in the water and lifted up out of the water.  This symbolizes death and being buried and then being raised from the dead whole and clean.  This is the symbol of the resurrection which is the gift that Jesus Christ gave each one of us.   

Sister Wall and Sister Ewell taught Richard Harrington

Sisters Aston and Durfee taught Phyllis Toward

Elder Parke and Elder Bryant taught Ben Park

Elder Kap and Guerrero taught Cuong Nguyen

Elders Howard and Averett taught Charmayne Bloom

Sister Davis & Sister Bills with

Sister Smith - Jessy and Jacob - Sister Busath

Elder Aitken and Elder Perry taught Sherry Chaiko

Sister Ludwig and Sisterr Robinson taught John

Elder Foster and Elder Woodbury taught Dorothy Rocker

Sister Sibley and Sister Duncan taught Mercedes and Madison Stewart

Elder Hyer, Elder Clarkson and Elder Elkins taught Alfonso Jimenez 

Sisters Birch, Ewing DiBari (not pictured) and Morrison taught Jean Philpott

Elders Bryant and Story taught Kenan baptized by Zack

Elders Cahoon and Tengberg taught Laurie Clark and Dave baptized her.

Elder Bryant and Elder Story taught Craig Mayle

Sister Busath and Sister Smith taught Teng

Elder Harley and Elder Posada taught Venessa

Sister DeMille, Rachel and Evan and Sister Penrod

Elder Cahoon, Bishop DuPont, Fred and Katie Skinner and Elder Harper

Elders Little and Isom taught Andrea

Elder Lundgren and Elder Davis with the Reyes Family

Sister Durrant and Sister Wells taught Kayla

Elder Liston and Elder Nelson taught and baptized Tish Hokensmith Nov. 22, 2015

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