Saturday, October 3, 2015

September 2015 Zone Conference in Greentree


Zone Conferences this month centered on the strength of utilizing Preach My Gospel.  Elder Birrell and Elder Gates gave a very powerful training on this great resource.  

"I believe if we have a desire to do what the Lord's prophets want us to do that we will take seriously what's in Preach My Gospel. It's the most remarkable missionary guide of this dispensation. It's the combination of 175 years of experience in doing missionary work. I think that too many missionaries read it rather than study and apply it."               Bishop Merle Taylor 

The Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh West Zones
Front left:  Elders Haskins, Ibarra, Wadsworth, Camp, Sisters Elcock, Johnson, Palmer, Ewell, Schofield, Buetler, Elders Buetler, Adams, Simmons and Sister and President Johnson
2nd row:  Elders Hawley - jump to Elder Elcock, Sisters Clarkson, Smith, Huffaker, Forrest, Wall,
Johnson and jump over to Kocherhans 
3rd row:  Elders Spencer, Averett, Gehrke, Devey, Clarkson, Sisters Morrison, Durfee, Harlan, Malo and Crockett
4th Row:  Elder Hyer, Sister Gardner, Elders Davis, Woods, Gille, Linford, Gates, Ord, Shuppy, Elkins and Gull
5th row:  Elders Montgomery, Gardner, Masina, Elliot, Baxter, Whitney and Birrell

Our gracious lunch hostesses!

Left: Elders Montgomery, Hawley, Kocherhans, Gull, Spencer and Davis

Sister and Elder Elcock and the Clarksons

Twins?  No ~Sisters Huffaker and Morrison

Elder Masina, Sisters Malo and Durfee

Left:  Elders Hyer, Johnson, Woods, Sisters Ewell and Wall, Elders Elkins and Shuppy

Elder Shuppy, Sister Clarkson and Elder Whitney (suspicious)

Singing -"Called to Serve"

Elder Hyer

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