Sunday, October 4, 2015

September 2015 Zone Conference in State College

"Since being out on a mission and having the time and the opportunity to read and study the Christlike attributes in Preach My Gospel, taking the assessment every so often and setting goals for myself, I have seen myself grow so much. I feel myself coming closer to my Savior and have noticed that I can and will be one day just like him." - Sister Busath 

The Altoona and Williamsport Zones
Front left:  Elders Lundberg, Baker, Hansen, Harper, Whitby, Bryant, Bramwell, Beck and Casper
2nd row:  Elders George, Clarkson,Sisters Barney, Clarkson, Hansen, Yates, Hale, Blake, Beutler, Smith
3rd row:  Elders Cuthbert, Bowers, Gates, Sisters Talbot, Crisp, Elder Hansen, Sisters Manumaleuna, Hamblin, Robertson, Ludwig, Sibley, Duncan, Busath, Hansen, McDonald, Elders Hinckley, Loretto, Liston, Birrell, Sister and Pres. Johnson
Back:  Elder Barney, Bramwell, Perry, Ramos, Scott, Shephard, Pres. Mauro, Elders Harley, LaFon, Parke, Aitken, Millis, Saylor, Gamble, Holman, Mueller, Hummer, Rose, Nelson, Pennington, Pirzadeh

A most generous lunch crew!

Left:  Sisters Crisp and Hale, Elders Bramwell and Ramos, Sisters Sibley, Duncan, Smith and Busath

Left side:  Elders Barney and Clarkson, Right: Sister Barney, Hansen, Elder Hansen, S Clarkson

Left side:  Elder Ramos and Whitby   Right:  Elders Bramwell and George

Left side:  Sisters Busath, Hansen, Elders Hinckley, Aitken
Right side:  Sister Smith, McDonald and Pennington

Left:  E Hale, S Hale, S Crisp
Right:  S Talbot, Yates, E Harper and Hansen

Lunch hostesses 

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