Sunday, October 18, 2015

OCTOBER 2015 Welcome to the PPM

                                "Behold I will hasten my work in its time". D&C 88:73

  Welcome to our most recent group of missionaries who join in the work of salvation to help and invite others to "come unto Christ."  The Lord is indeed hastening His work here in the PPM and throughout the world.  

  At the Airport
Front left:  Elder Halls, Sisters Noorlander, Johnson, Bartlett
Back:  Elders Wilson, Syndergaard, Johnson, Bates and Herzog 

At the Washington Incline with a beautiful view of Pittsburgh

A little relaxation after a very long travel day.

Elder Gates and Elder Bryant - standing help train the new group.

Elder Clarkson (fleet coordinator) training in-coming missionaries about transportation in the mission.

Lunch time
Left:  Elders Birrell, Christensen, Ekins, Johnson, Halls and Herzog

Left:  Elders Ashton, Whitby, Syndergaard, Masina, Bates, Renteria and Wilson

Sisters Christensen, Clarkson, Gardner, Yates, Talbot, Bartlett, Bennett and Noorlander 

Left:  Elder Ord, Gates, Bryant, Clarkson and Gardner 

Singing thanks to our lunch helper!

New missionaries with trainers and some of the office staff, AMA, and Mission President
Front Row left:  Elders Birrell, Ekins, Sister Clarkson, Bennett, Noorlander, Bartlett, Talbot, Christensen
Row 2:  Elders Clarkson, Herzog, Gates, Ord, Renteria, and Wilson
Row 3 & 4:  President and Sister Johnson, Elders Ashton, Whitby, Masina, Bryant, Halls, Syndergaard 
                    and Elder Bates

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