Friday, March 27, 2015

Time To Say Goodbye March 2015

Having served with heart, might, mind and strength in the PPM these beautiful Sisters are now ready to head home!  We will miss them!
Sisters Kerby, Morphy, Romero, Johnson, Valikoula, Washburn and Hansen

Sister Romero, Elders Saylor and Walker
Kicking up their heels!

Elder Walker ...those shoes were made for walking!

Sister Washburn . . . Many miles on those shoes!

And Sister Morphy's!

Sister Romero (center) with President and Sister Johnson and President and Sister Nobbs

Sister Morphy with President and Sister Johnson

Sister Johnson with President and Sister Johnson and Nobbs

Sister Washburn with President and Sister Johnson and Nobbs

Sister Hansen with Pres. and Sister Johnson and Nobbs

President and Sister Johnson with Sister Johnson and family

Sisters Morphy and Romero

Sister Hansen and parents

Elders from left: Stapel, Larsen, Walker, Taylor, Sparrow and Nash
President and Sister Johnson 
Sisters from left:  Washburn, Romero, Morphy, Valikoula, Kerby, Hansen and Johnson

Off they go!

Safe journey and best wishes!

VISA Waiters:  Sisters Liu, Schenk and Elder Ludwig and Elder June (center back) with Elder Hunsaker (left back) and Birrell on right in there way to Taiwan.

President Johnson helping with tickets at airport.

Elder Nash at airport with Pres. Johnson 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Changes...March 2015

Elder Grimmett heading off to Gettysburg

Sisters Smith and Oliver - Wheeling

Sister Beutler and Purcell - Beaver Valley

Elders Wilson and Andrade - Pitt 5

Elder Haws - State College with Cooley

Sister Talbot  Gettysburg with Sister Bills

Elders Masina and Stowe - Altoona

Sister Sparks - University with Sister Peterson

Elder Averett - Lancaster with Elder Gray

Elder Draper - York with Elder Gates

Elders Green and Linford - Altoona

Elders Hughes and Hale - Ridgeway

Sisters Crockett and Lindsay - Brookville

Elders Duffy and Boekweg - Somerset 

Elder Garduno and Elder Brimley - Erie

Elder Bashein off to E-Town with Elder Shepard

Elders O'Keefe and Saylor - Indiana North

Elder Andrade - Jamestown with Elder Wright

Sisters Wade and Wyasket - Pittsburgh 4th North

Elders Isom and Wells - Cranberry

Elders Watkins and Johnson - Beaver Valley

Elders Andersen and Schofield - Warren 

Sisters Toupin and Robinson - Cranberry

Elder Adamson, Mason and Trotman - Uniontown

Sister Davis and Sister Gates - Butler

Sisters Cottam and Duncan - Pitt 2

Elders Haskins and Gibson - Cranberry 

Sisters Rosengren and Tolman - Pitt 3 

Elders Muir and Thurtle - Meadville 

Elders Saylor and Uchytil - Pitt 3

Elders Christensen and Gee - Knox

 Elder Bell - Lancaster with Elder Doyle

Sister Sampson - Lockhaven with Sister Hodson

Elder Holman - Lebanon with Elder Crook

Elders Ivie and Almond - Pitt 7

Elder Draper - Erie

Sisters Smith & Morphy
Elders Hunsaker and Hinckley

Elders Liston, Duffy, Averett, Schofield, Anderson