Saturday, October 3, 2015

An Especial Witness

What a great blessing to the PPM to have Elder and Sister Stanfill come for a mission tour.  We received inspired and very timely training from both of them.  Sister Stanfill taught the power of charity, commitment, unity, studying, prayer and hard work.
    "On the ship of the gospel, there are no passengers, we are all crew members"
      "This is my work and my glory . . ."
      Salvation is not cheap therefore missionary work is not easy.
Elder Stanfill taught us that we are epistles of the Lord from Elder Nelson's talk (epistle = a formal teaching instrument known and read of all men).  

"Christ is the living water, bread of life and light of the world.  These are essential to life.  If we accept these things - The best way to show him we accept is to do our best!"

Cranberry PA - half of the mission!

Elders Ord and Whitney, Sisters  Butler, Welch and Sears

Clockwise left:  Elders Haskins, Wadsworth,Camp, Ramos, Lindford, Bryant, Stevens and Story

Left clockwise: Elders Cahoon, Lebaron,Klima, Walker, Richens, Renteria, Lundgren and Mink
Elder Kocherhans standing in the back

Clockwise left:  Elders Ibarra, Birrell, Miller, Devey, Tengberg, Kocherhans and Adams

Left:  Elder Robertson, Sisters DeMille, Penrod, Sister Stanfill, Elder Stanfill, Jackson, Whitmire and Hebdon

Sisters Durfee, Harlan, Morrison, Malo, Smith, Huffaker and Forrest 

Left:  Sister Duncan, Elders Wilson, Isom, Gehrke, Averett, Duffy and Sister Sibley

Elders Holman, Baxter, Cooley, Christensen and Sister Christensen 

Chorus of Missionaries

Sister and Elder Stanfill with the Johnsons

Harrisburgh - other half of the mission

Lunch time!

Elders Tidwell, Harper and LaFon

Sister Amendola's depiction of part of Elder Stanfill's training.

Left back:  Elders Bell, Bowers, Cuthbert, Wadsworth, Redford, Redd and Birrell

Left back:  Elder Baxter, Sisters Landa, Oliver, Smith, Blackwell, Elders Gates and Ord

Left:  Elders Millis, Camp, Scott, May, Mills, Saylor, Wilson and O'Keefe

Elder and Sister Stanfill with grandson and daughter - Claire, Sister And Pres. Mauro, Pres. and Sister Johnson

Pres. Giles, Sisters Johnson, Palmer, Robinson, Ludwig, Sibley and Duncan

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  1. AHH! Makes my heart happy to see the Stanfills and the Johnsons together! I was blessed to serve with them for 7 1/2 months in their stake. They were very involved with the missionaries and hosted me in their home on a return visit. They impacted my mission and life for good! I'm glad to have stumbled upon this blog, Rosie! I love seeing you and your missionaries! <3