Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zone Trainings - February 2015

As we completed a visit to each of the 9 zone trainings throughout our mission, President Johnson and I returned feeling that the leadership in the mission is inspired, dedicated, and are setting examples of Christ-like teaching and service!  We are grateful for the zone leaders in the PPM who watch over, instruct, inspire and provide leadership for their zones and for each of the missionaries who love the Lord and the people they serve!

This the last zone we visited, The Pittsburgh Zone.

Front Row:  Elders Johnson, Uchytil, Bashein, Whitmire, Sorenson, Pennington, George and Ivie
Second Row:  Sister Johnson, Elders Adamson, Loreto, Sisters Sampson, Sibley, Smith, Valicoula, Elder Hinckley, Sisters Lindsay, Rosengren, Butler, Elder Butler
Back Row:  President Johnson, Elders Gish, Childs, Gamble, LeBaron, Glick, Taylor, Boekweg, Tunquist, and DeFreese

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Man In Purple!

What do you get when you find a man dressed in purple? Family feud host of course - with Sister Jones!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hangin Around

There is an acrobatic squirrel who insists on hanging upside down to raid the bird feeder.  (Even though I leave food for him elsewhere!) I think he actually jumps from the roof to get on the feeder!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January 2015 Departing Missionaries II

Farewell to our largest group of missionaries who have served with all their might, mind and strength!  We wish them well as they enter the next season of their lives!  What a pleasure it has been to serve with them!

Sisters Blake, Thomas, Hurdsman, Pugmire. Elders Martin, Shields and Bailey

Elder Carlisle,  Howell, Hill, Baggett, Sheffer and Foster

Elder Brown

Sister Chavez

Elders Clegg, Reeves, Workman, Dennison, Brown and Watts

President Johnson with Elders West and Bailey

Sist Blake

Front left:  Elders Bailey, Clegg and Foster
2nd Row:  Sisters Hurdsman, Blake, Pugmire, Thomas, Chavez, Elders Dennison, Watts, Carlisle
3rd Row:  Elders Stevens, Hill, Shields, Brown, Baggett, President Johnson and Sheffer
4th row:  Elders Howell, West, Workman and Martin
Sister Endter and her Mom had s sweet moment at the mission home!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome Aboard the PPM Jan 2015

At the airport. . .

Elders Camp, Elliot, Gille, Baker, Hoyt and Mills
Elders Foster, Hansen Sisters Wadsworth and Roberts
Elders Taylor, Griffin, Gerke and Foster
President Johnson and Elder Loreto
Heading to the van !  Elders Gille, Foster Sisters Wadsworth, Roberts and Busath

Elders Taylor and Ord

Elder Hoyt Sisters Wadsworth and Roberts

Elders Hansen and Foster
A beautiful snowfall heralded their arrival!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Training and Transfers January 2015

          January 27, 2015
18 new missionaries at training and transfer day at the Greentree Chapel.
Back left:  Elders Baker, Tunquist, Hoyt, Gille, Gehrke, Taylor, Elliot, Ord, Griffin
Front left: Sister Busath, Elders Wood, Foster, Mills, Sister Wadsworth, Elders Tunquist, Loretto,
                Hansen and Sister Roberts

Lunch is served!

Trainers:  Elder Larsen, Searle and Lundgren

Elders Baxter, Gamble and Redford will be training this transfer.
Elder Harper with Trainers Pennington and DeFreese

Trainer - Elder Ekins

Elder Bowers and Elder May will both be training this transfer.

Sister Pugmire and Sister Petersen
Elders Foster, Larsen, Foster, Stevens, and Griffin. (New and old)
Sister Blake and Hinkle
Elder West and Elder Larsen

These Elders have served as Assistants to the President since we arrived here in the PPM last June.  Elders Dennison and Shields (right side) have completed their mission and this is their last day here!
Left:  Elders Harper, Vassallo , President Johnson, Elders Nash, Shields and Dennison. A great big THANKS!
Sister Wadsworth opens mail from home!
Elder Nash and Harper
Elder Wood and Tunquist

Snow Angels?



Elder Jackson giving a tie tying demo to Elder Sparrow?
Elders Cooley and Muir
Sisters Purcell and Crockett
A lot of great energy!                ALTOONA DISTRICT
Elders Anderson, Scofield, Stowe, Baxter, Lindford and Clegg with Sister Johnson

                                                  PHILLIPSBURG DISTRICT
Elders Henshaw, Hale, sisters Purcell and Crockett, Elders Hyer and Mueller 
President and Sister Johnson, Sister and Elder Glover
A beautiful baptism!  Rav with Sisters Zaugg and Mortimer