Friday, August 19, 2016

Joyfully Entering In At the Gate

"Repent all ye ends of the earth, and come on to me and be baptized in my name, that ye may be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost".             3 Nephi 27:20

Elders Gull and Davidson taught Jamie who was baptized this month.
Others in photo:  Brother Brockoven baptized her, Jamie, Sister Brockoven and daughter Jamie

Elder Samuelson baptized Janet Lee who was also taught by Elders Goeckeritz, Rayburn and Gardiner

Front row:  Elders O'Keefe, Halsey, Marlon (baptized on Aug 13), Elder Calaway, President Hoggard
Elders Gallini, Ekins, Alaguretnam, Lundberg and Richens

Sister Belnap, Kristian (baptized on Aug. 7) and Sister Simpson

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MLC August 2016

"The greatest responsibility you will have as a Zone Leader or Sister Training Leader is to help the missionaries in your zone hasten the work of salvation."

"If a man will seek to elevate others the very work itself will turn and elevate him."
    - Joseph Smith

Elder Liston and Elder Halls conducted a training on responsibilities of Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders as they go on weekly exchanges.  They offer encouragement, fresh perspective, love and example.  Other components of exchanges are following up, praying for them, reviewing aspects of missionary work, and planning together.

Elders Kotter and Syndergaard shared a highlight as told by Elder Gull and Elder Davidson

"We met Jamie at church. She was a friend of the B family.  We talked to them about sharing the gospel with their friends about two months prior of meeting Jamie! Sister B told us she had a friend named Jamie. Well Sister B worked with Jamie to get her to church for about two or so months. Then Jamie finally came to church with her husband and the B family. She loved it! She then got home and referred her self to us through We called and set up a date to meet with her. We heard her story over the phone and prayed who we could take to go with us. We thought of Brother S a recent convert about a year ago. Well we got in there and we soon found out that she knew Brother S from selling one of her dogs to his family! An instant relationship was built! Then we shared the restoration with her. She loved it!  She said she has been searching her whole life for this gospel!  We soon knew she was the "Elect of God" we always prayed for! She was so prepared because of the member she was close to! The member (Bro.S) we brought had the similar story as to how he gained a testimony and was eventually baptized as Jamie is gaining, it was so amazing as they shared stories! It was an answer to our prayer! Jamie said that the spirit she feels in the church is so amazing! Nothing compares to it!  Jamie has gone through so many trials as she went through her conversion process. With her husband being difficult to the adversary attacking her in so many little ways. But as she has continued to learn the Gospel her testimony has grown to be so amazing. She said nothing will stop her from entering the baptismal waters! Then two weeks later attend the temple to do names for her ancestors. She also has Home and Visting teachers already (Bro S is her HTeacher) She also is getting extended a calling the Sunday after her baptism. She also wants her Grandson to be blessed in the church as well!  It is amazing that we really had nothing to do with finding her. The members did all the work! It has given us a stronger testimony that the members are the way!  As in Elder Bednars quote  "Members are all time finders and Missionaries are all time teachers" really applies in this amazing humbling experience. The ward council has done a great job of backing us up and making sure it is the Lords way of making sure she is converted!  Now because of all this she will be baptized tomorrow Aug.6th!

Elders Gull and Davidson helped teach Jamie who was baptized Aug. 6

President Johnson conducted a training on safeguards for using technology and reviewed the survey taken in the mission in June.  It was exciting to see many areas that have seen improvement!  Here are some examples:  What are we doing well?
-Understanding and living our purpose 
-Doing personal finding
-Listening to the spirit
-Reading the Book of Mormon daily
-Weekly Planning
-Reading and Applying the missionary handbook
-Studying Preach My Gospel on a daily basis

Things we will work on:  Preach My Gospel Planning and Finding

Front:  Elders Halls, Kotter, Syndergaard, Haroldsen, Ramos and Kap
Row 2:  Sisters Penrod, Allen, De Mille, Bartlett, Taunima, Hansen, Wall and Thompson
Row 3:  Pres. Johnson, Elder Hansen, Spencer, May, Hummer, Liston and Nelson 
Back:  Elders Herzog, Renteria, Hatch, Aitken

August 2016 Farewell and Best Wishes

"And now, my beloved brethren, after ye have gotten into this strait and narrow path, I would ask if all is done?  Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for ye have not come thus far save it were by the word of Christ with unshaken faith in him, relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save.

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father:  Ye shall have eternal life."             2 Nephi 31: 19-20

Many thanks for your devoted service!  Love and blessings as you return with honor!

Elder Ramos saying goodbye to Elder Whitby

Elder Miller center saying farewell to Elders Richardson, Walker, Richens and Boyes

A farewell hike on the trails near the mission home...

Elder Draper bird watching with Elder Masina

Elders Draper and Elder Whitby leading the pack!

President Johnson chatting with Elder Miller

Elders Saylor, Halls, (Assistant not leaving), Elders Ekins and Woll

Elder Woll, Sisters Wilson, Blake, Wadsworth, Johnson, Roberts, Elders Gee and Garduno

Sisters Blake, Johnson, Wadsworth

Elder Gee and Sister Roberts

Elder Garduno

Happy Hikers!
Front:  Elders Whitby, Masina, Miller, Woll and Garduno
Middle:  Elders Ekins, Devey, Gee, Draper, Saylor, and Sister Wadsworth
Back:  President and Sister Johnson, Sisters Blake, Roberts, Johnson and Wilson

Elders Gee and Saylor

Elders Miller and Liston (assistant - not leaving)

Elder Masina

Elder Woll

Sister Wadsworth

Sisters Blake, Johnson and Roberts

Water break...

"Buff"contest?  And the winner is President Johnson (in his age category anyway!)

Let's eat!

A little arm wrestling ...

Elders Whitby, Garduno and Miller

Sisters Roberts and Wadsworth

Elders Gee, Devey, Sister Johnson, Elders Draper and Masina

Sister Blake

"Conversion is not an end, but a beginning of a new way of life!"    -Elder L. Tom Perry

Sister Wentzel served here in the PPM for three months from temple square.  She has gone to finish her mission in Salt Lake City and we are very grateful that we had the blessing of her service here.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 2016 Welcome to the PPM

Missionaries are to go "in the power of the ordination wherewith they have been ordained, proclaiming glad tidings of great joy, even the everlasting gospel."  D&C 79:1

A fine looking group!

Waiting for the van 
Elders Alaguretnam, Nuttall, Davis, Gneiting and Gallini

Elders Gneiting, Jones, Aguinaga, and Sister Fenton

Elder Bledsoe

Elder Bryner and Elder Noyes

Sisters Jacobson, Dean, Nelson, Elders Richardson, Gray and Argyle

Getting I-Pads up and going

Receiving safeguards training.

Tuesday morning  - more training!

Front: Sisters Gardner, Chambers, Fenton, Nelson, Dean, Jacobson, Brunner and Johnson
Elders Richardson, Argyle, Davis, Alaguretnam, Richards, Gray, Jones, Gneiting and Pres. Johnson 
Back: Elders Nuttall, Aguinaga, Gallini, Bryner, Noyes, Riggs, Bledsoe, and Payne

Wonderful lunch hostesses:  Sisters Ewing-Di-Bari, Gardner, Christensen and Joseph

Trainers and trainees meet together to receive their assignments.

Elder Wilson will be training Elder Payne

Elder Alaguretnam left and Elder Gallini right will be trained by Elder Calaway center

Elder Aguinaga will be trained by Elder Millis

Elder Richards left and Elder Davis right will be trained by Elder Cook center

Elder Jones will be trained by Elder English

Elder Walker is training Elder Richardson

Elder Averett will train Elder Nuttall

Sister Palmer training Sister Fenton

Elder Ross will train Elder Argyle

Sister Paine will train Sister Gardner

Elder Gray will be trained by Elder Hansen

Sister Thorson is training Sister Chambers

Elder Ord will train Elder Bryner

Sister Bowden will be training Sister Nelson

Elder Hughes will train Elder Noyes

Sister Jacobson will be trained by Sister McDonald

Elder Bell training Elder Bledsoe

Sister Schofield is training Sister Dean

Elder Baker training Elder Gneiting

Elder Smedley training Elder Riggs

Sister Ewell will be training Sister Brunner