Friday, May 20, 2016

New Mission Song

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission Song
To the tune of 'Israel Israel God is Calling'

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission is the place we've joined the fight! 
In His mission we will labor, with our strength, heart, mind and might!
And as saviors on mount Zion we'll share His word with all in sight!  
Then we'll see the Lord's great harvest, for the field is turning white. 

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission,  to our God we will be true!  
We will teach with pow'r and purpose, for we know what we must do.  
O-Y-M and making phone calls in burrows, hollers, townships too.  
We will ever teach His doctrine, for we know that it is true. 

Pennsylvania Pittsburg Mission, is the place we'll do God's will ...
Learn and love and live the Gospel, see His promises fulfilled.  
For we know we'll see our Savior, when in glory He's revealed. 
We will kneel and give accounting, Oh how grateful we will feel!
Oh----how--joyful ---we---will----feel!


Words by Sister Akua Danso and Sister Rosemarie Johnson

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