Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

If you look back at the "Called to Serve" blog entry, you should be able to find each and every one of your missionaries.  (with the exception of our new missionaries entering the mission this past week and a half!). President Johnson met with each missionary individually during the month of April and into the first week of May.  Just as Helaman in the 56th chapter of Alma, verses 45-47 told Moroni, he had never seen so great courage as his young stripling warriors showed in their battle.  President and I have never seen so great courage as our PPM missionaries show in finding those whose hearts are prepared to hear the truth.  "Yea they have been taught by their mothers, that if they do not doubt, God will deliver them."  Thank you for raising such fine sons and daughters!

Here are a few of their highlights from the past month:

April 2016

E Whitby/E Bramwell - Doing service for a woman who was the neighbor of a member of their Ward who is normally very independent.  She began asking questions and they were able to have several conversations about our beliefs.  

E Posada- Had a moment with the hallelujah cards with a woman who would like some help.  She gave them her number.  She knew they were missionaries and seemed respectful.

E Ord- Working with members to help them build their faith in doing missionary work.  They are actively praying and finding more opportunities to share the gospel.  

E Slade- On exchanges with Elder Ord and the other elders doing service next door.  He was inspired by the thought of helping and serving others.  The example of other missionaries had been a blessing to him.

E Wood - Followup with seeds you plant.  Found a a young woman who had seemed uninterested but when they checked back she was much more interested and also introduced them to others that they could teach.

E Miller - went on exchanges and they stopped by a house that the son invited them in.  The mom has been through extremely hard times with a stroke and her husband leaving.  They were able to give her comfort and connected her to members to offer support.  Her heart was softened and she was ready to change.

E May - Helped a couple move and felt the contention and difficulties they were having.  They have lived together for more than 20 years but don't like each other.  He realized how much keeping the commandments blesses our lives and gives us peace and joy even in hard times. 

 E Howard/E LeBaron - went to the temple - loved the renewal and learning.

E English- met and talked with a Hells Angels member who told them he had so much respect for the missionaries and what they are doing.  

S Nevil - Did service for a member who needed to be loved and helped.
   Taught the law of chastity and had a great experience.

S Crisp - recent converts are inspiring  - doing so well.

S Noorlander - Had a lesson with a less active member and the spirit was so strong.  Member who was on the exchange invited her to church and she said yes.

S Faamaile - Visited a less active member who was laying on the couch in a lot of pain.  They didn't know if they should stay?   But she asked them to.  They asked if she needed a blessing and she said yes.  They were able to get some Priesthood holders from the Ward over.  She  had a visible improvement after the blessing and was able to sit up and talk to them...

E Smedley - A sister who came to the family history center asked them several questions and the Spirit was especially strong.  She asked how one goes about converting to the Mormon faith!

S Farnes - Went to Renassaince fair and talked to many people.

S Crockett- A member brought a community friend to RS activity (Meet the Mormons video). There were several people there who were not members and it was really powerful.

S Schofield -  YW President went out with them and they had a lot of dead ends but found some other people in the path.  Went back and had a great short lesson.

S Thorson - Taught a lesson with a husband of an active member and felt like it went poorly.  The Spirit was there and it was just so different than they had planned.  They felt bad until the next day his wife told them it had really touched his heart and thanked them so much.

E Holbrook - Felt imprssed to visit a contact and when they stopped she was moving furniture and said that she was just wondering how she was going to move something and the doorbell rang.  She said the elders always seem to show up when she most needs them.

E Swisher- Talked to a recent convert about getting the Priesthood.  He went right to the bishop and is very excited to receive the Priesthood to bless his family.

E Bell - Went to see a less active member and a man pulled up and asked the elders to come visit.  They asked do you believe in hell and how can I be saved? Had a great lesson and will be going back.

S Morrison - Investigator is progressing and wants to learn so much!

S Durfee - Switched up P-Day for service.  They went to plant a garden for a sister in need with a member of their ward.  The sister was so thrilled they came and stood out watching and excited they could do that for her.  There was a great feeling of love there.

S Roberts -invited to a sister's house for dinner.  Showed her the video that inspired the woman to go reach out to a family who had gone through a death of a child.  She had experienced the death of her child. 

S Allen - Baptism of a mother and daughter was a very special experience.  Especially inspiring to watch the Mom as her 13 year daughter was baptized.

E Hyer - A community member invited 6 missionaries and some members for dinner.  She runs the soup kitchen and appreciates their weekly service.

E Davidson - A lesss active brother is very knowledgeable about the scriptures and is helping an investigator learn the gospel.

E Bates-We were working at the food pantry and a man walked through and told him he knew a Mormon who always had a good spirit about him.  He was interested in knowing more.

E Tidwell- A recent convert  working to go to the temple.  He is so open to learning and is getting his patriarchal blessing on Wed.  They taught a lesson on blessings.

S Meyers-  A convert she had in another area told her that she was dating a member and that they were reading the Book of Mormon together and how it had really changed her life.  

S Jex- An investigator is taking lessons - he texted the sisters and asked if they would teach him...he is so open to learning.

E Chafn- Teaching recent converts about the Priesthood.  He was so excited to know that he could baptize his stepson. On a exchange at the food pantry they met up with a person they had been trying to find and gave her the food they had been given because she was in need.

E Rayburn- Met with a sister for a lesson and as she prayed she thanked Heavenly Father for sending the missionaries to teach her truth.

E Woodbury - took a sister from the ward to teach an nvestigator and they ended up knowing each other from the past and were instant friends.  The member related so well with her and has struggled with some of the very same things.  It was as though it was custom designed.

S Penrod - went to see a less active member who wasn't home, but they found several people who were ready to listen!

E Christensen - found someone who wants to quit smoking!

S Taunima- went to find a less active member and the person answering the door got mad and said I told the other sisters he doesn't live here anymore.  But she invited them in and they found out she was a less active member as well.  Her heart softened and they had a good visit

E Loretto- were called on to give a blessing to someone who is having problems with his knee.  It was a special experience.

S McDonald- called to find a less active member whose mom answered the phone and wanted to know more.

S Campbell- visited recent convert whose husband has been disfellowshipped is working toward being rebaptized and they want to go  to the temple.  Twelve people came to the Book Of Mormon class!

E Butler - A sister (90 year old) came to church for the first time in 18 months

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