Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 2016 Farewell and Best Wishes

D&C 11
23 Behold . . .  seek the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added according to that which is just.

24 Build upon my rock, which is my gospel;

25 Deny not the spirit of revelation, nor the spirit of prophecy, for wo unto him that denieth these things;

26 Therefore, treasure up in your heart until the time which is in my wisdom that you shall go forth.

27 Behold, I speak unto all who have good desires, and have thrust in their sickle to reap.

28 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the life and the light of the world.

Piling out of the van for a hike on their final day in the mission.  

What can we find in the pond?
On the trail!

Back left:  Elders Stevens, Hyer, Sisters Sibley, Smith, Jex(behind), Davis, Blackwell, Elders Rackham, and Tengberg
Front: Pres. and Sister Johnson, Elders Gates, Haskins, Tidwell, Isom, Cluff and Woods 

Wounded in battle?  Sister Davis had an accident in the gym on P-day 10 days before she finished her mission.  We hope she has a speedy recover!

Back:  Sister Jex, Elder Haskins, President Johnson, Elders Hyer, Woods, Tidwell, Stevens and Cluff
Front:  Sisters Blackwell, Smith, Sibley, Davis, Elders Isom, Gates, and Rackham

Elder Gates and his parents!

Elder Tenberg flew home a few weeks later.  

Thank you for your dedicated service, for thrusting in your sickles with all your might!

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