Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 2016 Welcome to the PPM

"Ye who are called to labor and minister for God.  Blest with the Royal Priesthod, appointed by His word - To preach among the nations the news of gospel grace, And publish on the mountains salvation, truth and peace."                                         Hymn # 321

Here they come!

Assistants Elders Miller, Ord and Liston helping with the transfer.

Sisters Stimpson, Bowden and Smith

Elder Ainsworth  

Sister Morgan

Elder Ord helping new missionaries get mission tools up and running.

Elders Liston and Miller training new missionaries on Safeguards on digital devices.

Elder Christensen speaking to missionaries about understanding stress.

Sister Casler (Mission Secretary ) training

Elder Gardner (Financial Secretary) training

Sisters Bartlett, Penrod, Johnson, Smith, Bowden, Ewell, Morgan and Stimpson

Time to eat!

Elders Gray, Ord, Zubeck, Hansen, Baker and Wadsworth

Elders Wilson, Miller, May, Herzog, Sister Christensen, Elders Christensen, Gardiner and Butikofer

Elders Walker, Iverson, Liston, Pres. Johnson, Elder Bell, Sister Casler, Elders Devey and Rogowski

Sisters Morgan, Bowden, Smith, Stimpson and Johnson and President Johnson
Elders Iverson, Rogowski, Halsey, Walker, Ainsworth, Gardiner, Zubeck, Butikofer, and Wilson

Elder Herzog training Elder Gardiner

Sister Penrod training Sister Stimpson

Sister Johnson training Sister Smith

Elder Wilson being trained by Elder Bell

Elder Baker training Elder Butikofer

Sister Bartlett training Sister Morgan

Elder Gray training Elder Ainsworth

Elder Hansen training Elder Zubeck

Elders Wadsworth will train Elder Iverson

Sister Bowden will be trained by Sister Ewell

Sister Wadsworth with Sister Wentzel from Temple Square

Elder Devey training Elder Rogowski 

Elder Walker being trained by Elder Miller

Elder Halsey being trained by Elder May

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