Thursday, May 4, 2017

MLC April 2017

 Sisters Fenton, Carr, McDonald and Pena

 Elders Holdaway, Cooper, Herzog and Rawle

Sisters Jacobsen, Kwasney, Roden and Kelly

Elders Ross, Syndergaard, Bryan and Mc Gee

Elders Gneiting, Bryner, Daines, and Montgomery 

President and Sister Johnson, Elders White and Madsen

Elders Andrews, Story, Sisters Hegewald and Smith

Elder Andrews at the piano.

The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from the PPM meet together at MLC and council together on the needs of the mission.  They share stories of people in their zones who are accepting and progressing in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder and Sister Caanan taught a wonderful lesson on the Atonement of Jesus Christ

Elder White and Elder Madsen conducted a training for Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders to use during their Zone training at zone conferences.

Role plays are the best way to practice what we preach!

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