Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farewell and Best Wishes! April 2017

Sister Bartlett and Elder Ramos have given their all and served honorable missions.  We enjoyed a hike in the woods along with Elder Clarke.  It has been an honor to serve with them.  We are so grateful for all they have offered and wish each of them great things ahead!

My Mission Was Successful - "Because of Jesus Christ, I love Him,  in the sacrament prayer we covenant with Him to always remember Him.  He lives!  He loves us!  He has called on the earth today because He loves us."

 - "Because of Jesus Christ!  He is always there and has walked and carried me through these past 18 months.  I love Him with all my heart.  Because of Him - I have brought my soul to Christ.  D &C 18 - How great will be our joy if we bring one soul - I have learned that can be myself.  I thought I was close before , but I have gained a deeper appreciation for His atonement.  I have a deeper desire to be like Him,  He loves us so much!  I have felt how very real our Savior and Heavenly Father are."  

We also bid farewell to Elder and Sister Samuelson who have served for 18 months in Williamsport.  They have touched many lives for good!  Thank you for your love and example! 

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