Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Farewell and Best Wishes! May 2017

Three amazing missionaries have completed their missions and returned home in May.  We are so grateful for their service and to have served together!  Love and best in this important transfer!

Sister Kwasney, Sister Thorson and Elder Ross

Farewell hike on the trails

Some of the things they shared: 

My Mission Was Successful Because...

 "I have come to know Jesus Christ.  I learned that repentance is a joyful thing!  We can change and become better.  I have felt the power of that change in my own heart as I watched others embrace the gospel and have their hearts change.  Seeing myself come unto Christ as I have seen others come unto Him.   I have felt the love of Christ as I have read the Book of Mormon.  He lives!  I wish more people would have been open to it."

 "For awhile it was hard to feel like I was successful as a missionary.  I can testify of Jesus Christ without shame - that is a success for me.  Bearing testimony is a success no matter what the response.  I have come to know the atonement is real and that I can help others come closer to Jesus Christ.  My priorities have changed and I now know that the Sabbath is a sign we show our Heavenly Father."

 "Being able to develop a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Having to deal with hard things  - my anxiety and doing things out of my comfort zone has enabled me to come to know them.  My studies of the scriptures have become so precious and I have found answers and how to have a closeness with the Lord.  Seeing how my Heavenly Father loves me  - I see glimpses of that love.  The Book of Mormon has shown me how to return to Heavenly Father and live with my family forever and get through the challenges that this life unfolds."  

A happy reunion for the Kwasneys!

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