Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Training, training and more training!

i-Pad instructions 

Sister Clarke training new missionaries on how to budget wisely and information about the bank cards.

Elder Clarke talking about housing, baptismal records, and other important information.

President Johnson with ELders Dagal, Stock, Kasteler, Marcum and Loreto

Elders Wilkins, Boyes and Olsen

Front:  Elders Torgersen, Manley, Cowan, Marcum, and  Andrews
Row 2: Elders Dagal, Cook, Anderson, Kelley, Dixon, Terry, Anderson, Johnson and Pres. Johnson
Row 3: Elders: Winfree, Olsen, Anderson, Stock, Harper, Wood, Kasteler, Livingston, Holley, Nelson, Taylor (back), Synder and Condie

Trainers and Trainees anxious to know who will be their companion!

Final instructions . . .

At last they find out who they are with and where they will be serving!
Elder Camp training Elder Condie (Spanish speaking)

Elder Cook being trained by Elder Rawle

Sister Kelley being trained by Sister McDonald

Sister Anderson being trained by Sister Roden

Sister Durfee training Sister Dixon

Elder Dagal being trained by Elder Elliot

Elder Torgerson being trained by Elder Chafin

Elder Manley being trained by Elder Boyes

Elder Synderguaard training Elder Andrews

Sister Birch training Sister Anderson

Sister Morrison training Sister Terry

Elder Swisher training Elder Holley

Elder Davidson is training Elder Anderson

Elder Holdaway is training Elder Harper

Elder Nelson is being trained by Elder Ibarra (Spanish speaking)

Elder Stock is being trained by Elder Wilkins

Elder Wood is being trained by Elder Nelson

Elder Loreto is training Elder Kasteler

Elder Marcum is being trained by Elder McGee

Elder Goekeritz is training Elder Cowan

Elder Gardner is training Elder Olsen

Elder Synder (left) has been transferred to Pittsburgh to be trained by Elder Cooper (below)
Elder Taylor (right) is being trained by Elder Montgomery (standing)

Elder Williamson will train Elder Winfree

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