Saturday, September 10, 2016

Specialized Training from Especial Witnesses

Elder and Sister Perkins and Elder and Sister Meurs visited the PPM and spent three days traveling through the mission instructing, inspiring, interviewing and encouraging us all.  The following are pictures and quotes from the missionaries about their experience.  

In Harrisburg 

"I loved the General Authority visit. It was truly inspired and answered questions I had. It was focused on Finding, but went off on other important topics like the importance of the Book of Mormon and just Preach My Gospel in general. I think that was definitely the Spirit guiding everyone who spoke to hit on the things that we needed to hear as individuals and as a mission."


"The training this past week has helped us a lot in developing a culture of finding. We have seen many small miracles in finding people who have been prepared. As we live up to it I know that the Lord can guide us."

"My highlight was definitely hearing from Elder Perkins and elder Meurs. What a special day that was! It truly was a revelatory experience for me. I left with a greater desire and motivation to share the gospel. I needed to hear everything that was said. I felt the spirit just confirm to me why I was called to this mission when elder Perkins was talking about how we are assigned to our missions. I've heard that process of assigning missionaries to missions several times, but this time it just stuck with me. God wants me where I am- here in Pennsylvania! So grateful to know that He sees the bigger picture and that my call was truly inspired. It was a wonderful experience hearing from those inspired general authorities!"

"Well you have probably heard this from every other missionary today, but WOAH! This week was amazing!! The opportunity to meet, be instructed, and edified from Elder Perkins and Muerstheir wives, along with hearing from you and Sister Johnson this week has been out of this world cool! I will definitely never forget this weekend, or the spirit that was felt. I'm glad I took notes ha!"

"Something that really stood out to me was how to every question asked most of the time Elder Perkins would think of a scripture that would answer the question perfectly. This has been one of my goals in teaching people, because I think this simple action can help the people being taught realize they can go to the scriptures of their own choosing and find scriptures to help them on a day to day basis. Which is what will help them feel the spirit and lead to repentance and conversion. So again. This weekend was great!"

Elder and Sister Perkins, Elder and Sister Meurs and President and Sister Johnson

"The General Authority visit was amazing. It was a huge motivation to find more people to teach and just to become more diligent missionaries."

"Now for the best part of this week. The General Authority visit and training! I am so grateful for their advice and training. When I was interviewed by Elder Meurs he gave me such great advice when it came to working brought my health problems. They aren't ever a big deal, but they were occasionally annoying. I really needed to hear what he had to say and it is something that will carry with me the rest of my life. In that moment I felt like he was sent here just for me, which I know he wasn't, but it was just a testimony that God was really hearing and answering my prayers. He really did care and He really does know my individual challenges and exactly how to help me."

Elder and Sister Perkins visiting with missionaries at lunch.

Elder and Sister Meurs visiting with missionaries at lunch.

"This week has just been spectacular. Honestly, I can't tell you how much this week has impacted me. I have felt so uplifted from the general authority visit! They are God sent president! The things they said and did were so inspired! The spirit whispered to me so many things on how I can be better and how I can help those who I'm called to serve."

"The training by elder Meurs and Perkins were amazing. I had to write a good portion of it down so I wouldn't forget. When I think of general authority's I usually think of them as massive spiritual powerhouses which to an extent they are. But they are also very humble people who just keep their covenants and listen to spiritual promptings. They where both so humble, just trying to do what the lord asks. My favorite part was when elder Perkins talked about how missionaries are assigned to their missions."

"Oh man.. This week was awesome. Especially with Elder Perkins and Elder Meurs. These men are truly called of God! I went in there with a couple questions, and left with all of them answered! It was so fun being with all the missionaries in this half of the mission feeling the spirit SO strong. Definitely a highlight of my mission!"

"Last week was just so inspiring. I feel so spritially renewed and reenergized. I just love having special representatives of the Lord with us. I really loved what Elder Perkins said about success is achieved with humility and without it doesnt matter how hard you work it wouldnt come. And what Elder Meurssaid that "The greatest of moments come when its down to the last breath of things. In finding, I dont know anything more to do but to be full-time servants."

"Hey president! This week was amazing!! The visits from Elder Perkins and Elder Meurs was just amazing. It was a revelatory experience in every aspect of the word. My little note pad is just full of things the spirit told me. Our zone was so pumped after zone conference to get work done."

In Cranberry 


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