Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 2016 MLC

Elder Anthony Perkins conducted a powerful training for our missionary leadership which helped us identify four areas we can work on to improve our effectiveness in inviting others to come to Christ.

Using the Book of Mormon more effectively!
   1.  Exchanges
   2.  Tag scriptures that go along with lessons
   3.  Use it as a finding tool
   4.  District meeting - share with each other
   5.  Invite DL to followup

Go to the People and talk to everyone
   Set inbetween  goals
   Community events
   Find areas where people hang out
   Never be twarted by rejection (Luke 10:16)
   Using resources at appropriate times
   Use Ward events to invite others to come.

Be full-time servants
   Have a discussion on full time missionaries at zone training
   Share testimonies at district meeting 
   Share experiences on I-Cloud
   Exchanges - show how to be a full time missionaries
Role plays
  Exchanges - plan role plays in
  Role play with membership 
  Build into district meetings
  Have incentives or rewards


Front:  Elders Halls, Kotter, Haroldsen, Renteria, and Aitkens 
Row 2:  Sister and Elder Perkins, Sister and Pres. Johnson, Sister and Elder Meurs
Row 3: Sisters Penrod, Thompson, Wall, Hansen, Taunima, Bartlett, DeMille and Allen
Row 4:  Elders Liston, Ramos, Hummer, Hatch and May
Row 5: Elders Kap, Hansen, Herzog, Syndergaard, Spencer and Nelson

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