Monday, April 11, 2016

"Called to Serve"

"You are assigned to do the Lord’s work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care."       Preach My Gospel

As President Johnson and I travel throughout the mission doing interviews and some training at district meetings we are ever inspired by the dedication, preparation, and growing testimonies of the Lord's missionaries.

Franklin District
Sisters Blackwell, Hansen, Elder Aitken, Pres. Johnson, Elder Boyes, Sisters Birch and Pena

Erie District
Front:  Elders Elkins, Uchytil , Rackham, and Bramwell
Back:  Sister Hamblin, Pres. Johnson, Sister Jensen

Jamestown District
Front:  Elders Elliot, Syndergaard, and Millis
Middle:  Elders Kapp, Story and Williamson
Back:  Elders Gull, Andrade, and  Pres. Johnson

Philipsburg District
Front:  Elder Holman, Pres. Johnson, and Rose
Back:  Sisters Simonsen, DeMille, Paine and Hale

We arrived just in time to share Happy Birthday with Sister DeMille!

Bread Making Contest in Phillipsburg
Each companionship scored a blue ribbon!  (Judges were pleased to do the tasting!)

University District
Front:  Sisters Wong, Ewell, Chuah and Wadsworth
Back:  Elder Eubank, Pres. Johnson, and Elder Robertson

"I bear you my witness that the Lord's pattern found in a committment invitation is inspired and, if extended properly- including promised blessings, powerful testimony, and earnest followup - will result in more of God's children experiencing the miracle of conversion. "Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

McKeesport District
Front:  Elders O'Keefe, Isom, Pres. Johnson, Elders Pirzadeh, and Mueller
Back:  Sisters Johnson, Beutler, Johnson and Welch

Gettysburg District
Front:  Sisters Wall, Smith, Woolley and Collins
Back:  Elders Ross, Tengberg, Pres. Johnson, Elder Woolley and Sister Manumaleuna 

Shrewsbury District
Front:  Sisters Blake and Sibley, Elders Vu and Meija
Back:  Elders Gates, Stevens, Pres. Johnson, Elders Spencer and Spencer!

Elizabethtown District
Back:  Elders Baxter, Gehrke, Duffy, Pres. Johnson, Elders La Fon, Hawley, and Davis
Front:  Sisters Davis, Johnson, and Hokafonu 

Lancaster District 
Back:  Elders Lundgren, Camp, Garduno, Pres. Johnson, Elder Woll
Front:  Sisters Busath, Canseco, Wilson and Sears

Harrisburg District 
Back:  Pres. Johnson, Elders Shephard, Herzog and Walker
Front:  Sister Johnson, Elders Gee, Ibarra, and Bryant

Camp Hill District
Back:  Pres. Johnson, Elders Ramos, Poulsen, and Wilson
Front:  Sisters Johnson, Harlan, Simpson, Palmer, Roden and Elder Hinckley 

Hershey District
Back:  Sisters Johnson, Ewing-DiBari, Maya, Wyasket and Forrest
Front:  President Johnson, Elders Renteria, VanLeeuwen,and Adams

Altoona District
Front:  Elders Averett, Cluff and Haskins
Back:  Elder Johnson, Pres. Johnson, Elders Hansen and Richens

Johnstown District 
Left:  Elders Cook, Segon, Woods, Pres. Johnson, Elders Wilt, Draper and Beal

Beaver District
Front:  Elders Foster and Pennington 
Sisters Bartlett, Smith, O'Reilly, Kwasney and Johnson
Back:  Elders Liston, Masina, and  Pres. Johnson

Cranberry District
Front:  Sisters Nelson, Wayman, Huffaker, Oliver and Johnson
Back:  Elders Mink, Cahoon, Schofield, Tunquist and President Johnson

Wheeling District
Sisters Johnson, Johnson and Roberts
President Johnson, Elders Taylor, Geockeritz, Mills and Hughes

Washington District
Sisters Johnson, Amendola, Thompson and Christensen
President Johnson, Elders Moon, Parke, Hummer, Cuthbert, and Christensen

Pitt 7 District
President and Sister Johnson, Sister and Elder Butler
Elders Hansen, Baker, Worsham and Ekins

Greensburg District
Elder Loreto, President Johnson and Elder Christensen 
Sisters Penrod, Taunima, Campbell and McDonald

Freeport District
Left Front:  Elders Wadsworth, Rayburn, Sisters Meyers and Jex
Back:  Elders Woodbury, Tidwell, Chafin, President Johnson and Elder Bates

Towanda District
Elder and Sister Samuelson, Elder Halls and Kotter
Back:  President Johnson, Elder Holdaway and Elder Montgomery

Williamsport District
Sisters Morrison, Allen, Roberts, Durfee, Elder Swisher and Sister Johnson
Elders Hyer, Davidson, Bell and President Johnson

Lewisburg District
Sisters Thorson, Schofield, Farnes and Crockett
Elders Holbrook, Saylor, Haroldsen, Selfridge and President Johnson

Chambersburg District
Sisters Durrant, Johnson, Evanson and Smith
Elder Hatch, President Johnson, Elders Perry, Gray and Coburn

Carlisle District
Sisters Noorlander, Faamaile, Johnson, Neville and Crisp
Elders Howard, Lebaron, President Johnson, Elders English and Smedley

Greentree District
Front:  Elders Bramwell, Slade, Posada, Wood and Whitby
Back:  President Johnson, Elders Ord, Miller and May

Pittsburgh District
Elders Wilkins, Nelson, Furniss, White, Devey and Lundberg

State College District
Sisters Brown and Hartman
Elders Simmons, Smith, Calaway and Curtis

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