Thursday, April 7, 2016

MLC April 2016

Elder Miller and Elder Ord conducted an outstanding training on Working With Members of the Church in the Work of Salvation

Committment extended by Elders Ord and Miller as they concluded their training:

As a companionship, review what you have done over the past month to help the members be engaged in missionary work.  Discuss and plan what you can do, starting now, to help the members build their faith in doing the Lord's work.

Consider the following ideas:
*Seek the guidance of the bishop and other ward leaders.
*Teach Church leaders and members the message of the Restoration and other lessons.
*Teach them to love and serve their neighbors and friends.
*Encourage them to fast and pray for missionary opportunities.
*Encourage them to visit acquaintances who have recently experienced a life-changing event (birth, death in the family, marriage, or recently moved).
*Invite them to help you teach. The ideal situation is to have a Church member with you who formerly belonged to the same church as the person you are teaching.
*Help them set dates when they will invite their friends to learn about the message of the Restoration.
*Show them items they can give others, such as copies of the Book of Mormon, videos, and pass-along cards.
*Encourage them to invite their friends to attend church or family home evening, to view a Church-produced video, or to participate in a gospel conversation.
*Help them practice what they could say to their friends.
*Teach them why it is valuable to share the gospel regardless of the result. (Being a successful missionary/member missionary means inviting and helping others build faith in Jesus Christ.)
Even when people do not accept the opportunity to learn the gospel, your service and words are evidence of God’s love for them and may plant seeds that future missionaries and members of the Church will harvest.       -Preach My Gospel

There are many other ways to help members get more involved. Seek to add to this list throughout your life!  Share your ideas with others.

We invite members everywhere to let the missionaries help you learn how to better "invite and help others come unto Christ"!

Sisters Taunima, McDonald, Elders Parke, Hummer and Devey

"Let there be cultivated an awesome awareness in every member's heart  of his own potential for bringing others to a knowledge of the truth.  Let him work at it.  Let him pray with great earnestness about it."
                                                                            - President Gordon B. Hinckley 

Sisters Durfee, Morrison, Hansen, Birch and Smith

Elders Miller and Ord

Sister Smith

President discussing mission successes and concerns with the Mission Leadership Council

Elders Montgomery, Halls, Andrade, Liston, Nelson and Averett

Elder and Sister Butler (Guests - taught a inspiring lesson on the atonement)  
Elders Ibarra, Gehrke,and Baxter

Elders Howard and Smedley, Sisters Davis and Hokafonu 

Left:  Elders Baxter, Montgomery, Nelson, Averett, Richens, Ibarra and Parke

Time for lunch!

Elders Gehrke, Devey, Liston, Hummer, Gee

Sisters Birch, Davis, Hokafonu and Taunima

Elders Masina, Howard and Sister Butler

Sister Morrison and Sister Birch

Front:  Elders Liston, Masina, Gehrke, Ibarra, Sisters Birch, Morrison, Durfee and Smith
Row 2:  Elder Millis, Sister Johnson, Elders Baxter,and Halls, Elder and Sister Butler, Sisters Wall,Taunima, Hokafonu, Davis, Hansen, McDonald, Elder Ord
Back:  President Johnson, Elders Parke, Montgomery, Gee, Richens, Averett, Syndergaard, Miller, Hummer, Smedley, Nelson, Howard and Devey

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