Monday, August 31, 2015

Go Forth With Faith

"Go forth with faith to tell the world of Jesus Christ, the Lord.  Bear witness He is God's own Son;  Proclaim His wondrous word.  Go forth with hope and courage strong to spread the word abroad.  That people of all nations are children of our God."
                                                   Hymn 263 - Ruth Gardner

Elders Wood and Van Leeuwen

Sister Forrest and Sister Huffaker

Elder Ibarra and Elder Adams

Sister Harlan and Sister Smith

Elder Gee and Elder White

Sisters Malo, Morrison and Durfee

Elder Eubanks and Elder Howard

Sister Wall and Sister Ewell

Sisters Maya and Jarvis

Elders Williamson and Holladay 

Elder Garduno and Elder Hansen

Sister Campbell and Sister Thompson

Sisters Jex and Simpson

Sisters Wells and Durrant

Elder Liston and Elder Nelson

Sister DeMille and Sister Penrod

Elder Simmons and Elder Gille

Sister Yates and Sister Talbot

Elders Montgomery and Hawley

Sister McDonald and Sister Hansen

Sisters Young and Taunima

Elders Smith and Andrade

Elder Kocherhans and Elder Gull

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