Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 2015 MLC

"I testify of the power in the Book Of Mormon that will change your life and strengthen your resolve to follow Christ.  The Holy Ghost will change your heart...He will show you what you need to do next."
                  Elder Kevin Pearson

     We were blessed by a very powerful training from Elder Gates and Elder Birrell on the power of The Book of Mormon.   These Zone Leaders will take this training to each of their zones    #justreadit

Elders Stallings, Schofield, Camp, Baxter, May, Liston, Crook, Millis, Sisters Blackwell & Talbot

Sister Ludwig at the piano

Elders Stevens, Redd, Sisters Oliver, Jarvis, Palmer, Rosengren, Elders Ord, Holladay, S. Toupin 

Elder Birrell 

Elders O'Keefe, Wilson, Defreese, Bowers, Bell, Saylor, Sisters Duncan & Sibley, Elder and Sister Butler

Elders Birrell, Gates and President Johnson

Elder Butler gave an outstanding training on the Atonement.

Sisters Blackwell and Sister Oliver run the breakfast grills!

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