Monday, August 31, 2015

AUGUST 2015 Welcome To The PPM!

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel."
                                                                   -The Prophet Joseph Smith

New missionaries at the airport waiting for bags...

Sisters Wall, Malo, Forrest and Elder Hansen

Sisters Simpson, Campbell, Yates and McDonald

Elders Gull and Nelson

Sisters Durrant, Young, Harlan and Yates

Front left:  Sisters Young, Forrest, Wall, Simpson, Yates, Morrison and Harlan
2nd Row:  Sisters Malo, Maya, Penrod, Durrant, McDonald, Campbell
3rd left:  Elder Williamson, Gull, White, Nelson, Eubanks, Van Leeuwen, Simmons
Right back:  President Johnson, Hansen and Elder Montgomery


Trainers and trainees gearing up for assignments!

24  New Missionaries!
Bottom Step:  Elder Smith, Sister Yates, Elders Adams and Van Leeuwen 
2nd Step:  Sisters Penrod, Durrant, Maya, Johnson and President Johnson
3rd Step:  Elders Simmons, Eubank, Sisters Malo, Simpson, Campbell, Forrest and Wall
4th Step:  Elders White, Gull, Sisters Young, Harlan, Morrison, McDonald, Elders Hansen, Montgomery 
Top step:  Elders Nelson, Williamson

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