Friday, July 10, 2015

July 2015 MLC

The Missionary Leadership Council discussed what makes a good leader.  Here are some of the things we came up with.  

A good leader is someone who knows how to:
   -follow                           -desire success for those they lead           -accept responsibility
   -be humble                    -know and care about those they lead      -see the good in others
   -rely on the Lord             -have integrity        -inspire others to make changes for the better

left clockwise:   Elders May and Liston, Sisters Oliver, Jarvis, Palmer and Rosengren 
        Elders Redd, Stevens, Wilson and Garduno 

Elders Defreese, Bowers, Sisters Jones, Duncan, Elders Masina and Crook, sisters Ludwig and Jones

Left:  Elders Stallings, Boren, Baxter, Miller, O'Brien, Bell, Ord and Holladay, Sisters Talbot and Blackwell

Breakfast time!

Elders O'Brien, Crook, Masina, Boren and Birrell

Left:  Sisters Blackwell, Oliver, Jarvis, Jones, Ludwig, Talbot,and Elder Garduno 

Elders Liston, Bell, O'Brien, Bowers, Miller, Boren, Birrell, May and Baxter

Left:  Elders Redd, Gates, Stallings, Sisters Duncan and Jones, and Elder Stevens 

Sisters Ludwig, Talbot, Jones, Blackwell and Oliver

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