Friday, July 24, 2015

Going Home!

"Finally, my brethren (and sisters), be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might"...  Eph 6:10

Sisters on their way to the mission home:  back left sisters Mortimer, Jones
     Front:  Sisters Moss, Tolman and Wade
Left:  Elders Daynes, Farnsworth, Bashein (behind), Trotman, Gates and President Nobbs

Left:  Sister Mortimer, Elders Sorenson, Johnson, Center:  Sisters Rock, Jones , Jones and 
        Elder Watkins

Elder Smith, Sisters Tolman, Jones, Moss, Elders Mason, Trotman, Haws and Daynes

Elders Christensen, Wells, Sorenson, Farnsworth and Boren

Front Left:  Elder Christensen, Sisters Tolman, Wade, Moss and Mortimer 
Seated Left:  Elders Boren, Smith, Johnson, Obrien, Hale, Wright, and Bashein
Standing Left:  Elders Brown, Sorenson, Wells, Watkins, Daynes, Mason, Haws, Trotman and Farnsworth

Elder O'brien

Elder Farnsworth's family at the mission home picking him up.

At the airport. . .

Elder Hale and his Mom at the mission home.

Sister Wade with her family at the mission home.

Elder O'brien and his family at the mission home.

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