Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 2015 Zone Training

Zone training this month focused on how to begin teaching.  "Each person we teach has personal challenges and concerns.  No matter what those needs or concerns might be, the Savior and his teachings -the gospel -will help.  His message will enable anyone to improve the quality of their lives, and deal with the problems and challenges that we face in life.  Our message which is centered in Jesus Christ, is of great value and importance!"

Front row:  Elders Farnsworth, Andrade, Baxter, Brown, Gates, Birrell and Lindford
Row 2:  Sisters Landa, Smith, Durfee, Aston, Smith, Huffaker, and Johnson
Back:  Elders Miller, Hoyt, Devey, Gehrke, Elliot and Johnson

Elders Crook and Masina conduct training in the ALTOONA ZONE

President Johnson sharing some thoughts in Altoona.

Elders Green, Bryant, Bramwell, Loretto, Redford and Hughes practice a number for a fireside.

Elder and Sister Barney surprised us with authentic Amish hats!

Sisters Wyasket, Johnson, Hansen, Busath, Manumaleuna and Lindsay practice for the fireside.

Elders Hinckley and Hyer role play via Skype at the PITTSBURGH ZONE training.

Sisters Palmer and Rosengren digitally role playing.

Elder Mann

Sisters Sibley, Crockett and Meyers

Elder Hunsaker teaching us about healthy eating habits!

Elder George

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