Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Traveling through the Mission March 2015

Freeport District
Front:  Sisters Davis and Gates, Elders Christensen, Demke and Gee
Back:  Elder Stallings, Pres. Johnson, Elders Gille and Ord

Lewisburg District
Front:  Sisters Moss, Sparks, and Wilde
Back:  Elders Bumgarner, Stevens, Griffin, Hill, Pres. Johnson, Beal and Mercer

Williamsport District
Elders Hebdon, Scott, Pres. Johnson, Elders Glick and Jackson

Jamestown District
Elders Lee, Daynes, Bramwell, Pres. Johnson, Elders Andrade, Anderson, Rackham, Wright,

Interesting looking missionaries!   Painted on a building in Jamestown, NY Yes this is in our mission!

Elder Draper developing one of his many talents!

Elder Woodbury at it too!

and Elder Hummer!

Erie District
Front:  Elders Draper, Brimley and Garduno
Back:  Elders Hansen, Hummer, Story, Pres. Johnson, Weatherston (back), Devey, Woodbury

Johnstown District
Back:  Elders Boekweg, Duffy, Redford, Saylor, O'Keefe and Gehrke
Front:  Elder and Sister Barney and President Johnson

Elder Gish trying his hands at the electronic piano!

State College District
Left back clockwise:  Elders Harding, Farnsworth, Redd, Millis, President Johnson, Elder Haws, 
     Sorenson and Cooley

Phillipsburg District
Elder Henshaw in front
Sisters Crockett, Lindsay, Elder Hale, Hughes, Hyer and Elder and Sister Glover

Altoona District
Back:  Elders Green, Linford, Stowe, Masina, Mills and Baxter
           President and Sister Johnson

Harrisburg District
Front:  Elder Harley, Sisters Ludwig and Roberts, Elder Kocherhans 
Back:  Elders Whitby, O'Brien, Mueller and Curtis

Hershey District
Back:  Pres. Johnson, Elders Crook, Holman, Tidwell and Mann
Front:  Sisters Johnson, Landa and Busath

Elders O'Brien, Kocherhans and President Johnson

Sisters Romero and Lopez

Monongahela District
Back:  Elders Loretto, Defreese, Mason, Adamson and Trotman
Front:  Sister Hadzik, Elder Hinkley, Pres. Johnson, Elder Whipple and Sister Sibley

What is going on?

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