Monday, April 6, 2015

March 2015 Zone Conference in Harrisburg

Sisters Johnson, Bradshaw, Busath, Jarvis and Landa

Elders Guerrero, Whitney and Sister Lopez

Front:  Sisters Blake and Romero
2nd row:  Sisters Blackwell, Lopez, Aston, Zaugg, Johnson, Bradshaw, Busath, Jarvis, Landa
3rd row:  Sisters Wilson and Jones

Sister Aston with Elders McDonald, Ashton, and. Vassallo 

Sisters Swingholm, Anderson, Bennett, Jarvis, Talbot, Bills, Landa, and Busath

A "Cafe Rio" lunch!

Our lovely cooks!

Singing "Called to Serve" as a thank you to our hostesses!

How many people can squeeze into one selfie?


Kneeling:   Elders Ibarra, Whitney, Hunsaker, Clarkson, Cuthbert, Wadsworth, Ginos, Peers, Guerrero, Birrell, Ashton, Gates, Doyle, Ekins, Liston, Alfonso and Camp
2nd row:  Pres. Johnson, Sisters Johnson, Blake, Busath, Blackwell, Lopez, Romero, Clarkson, Ludwig, Aston, Wilson,  Jones, Stokes, Amendola, Bradshaw, Jarvis,  Bennett, Anderson, Elders Woll,  Brown, President Mauro
3rd row:  Elders Mueller, Rose, Swingholm, Sisters Swingholm, Landa, Bills, Talbot, Roberts, Zaugg, Elders Tengberg, O'Brien, Alexander, Bell, Grimmett, Boren, Shepard, Averett, Gray
4th row in the center:  Elders Holman, Klima, Woodbury, Casper, 
On Stage:  Elders Wood, Lundgren, Man, Tidwell, Harper, Curtis, Crook, Whitby, Woods, Justesen, Bashein, Wilt, Kocherhans, Beck, McDonald and Harley

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