Monday, April 6, 2015

March 2015 Zone Conference in State College

Elders Farnsworth, Hyer, Glick and Henshaw

Elder Redford with Sisters Wilde and Moss

Elders Gehrke, Boekweg and Duffy

Sister Hodson with Elders O'Keefe and Saylor

Elders Millis and Redd

Elders Haws and Masina

Elders Harper, Bumgarner and Vassallo 

Wonderful sisters who made a delicious lunch for our large group!

                                           ALTOONA and WILLIAMSPORT ZONES 

Front Row:  Elders Jackson, Saylor (behind), Taylor, Mercer, Hill, Redford, Glick, Birrell, Haws, Scott, Bumgarner, O' Keefe
2nd - 3rd Row:  Sisters Barney, Glover, Hansen, Sampson, Hodson, Jones, Wilde, Johnson, Moss, Hathaway, Meyers, Rock, Crockett, Peterson, Sparks, Lindsay, Elder Foster, Sister Swingholm, Elders Hunsaker, Swingholm, President Mauro, Sister Johnson, President Johnson
4th row:  Elders Barney, Glover, Hansen, Hyer, Boekweg, Haskins, Duffy, Hale, Hughes, Vassallo, Masino, Larsen, Hebdon, Stevens, Beal, Griffin, Stowe
5th Row:  Elders Baxter, Green, Gehrke, Harding, Redd, Mills, Sorensen, Henshaw, Farnsworth, Cooley, Millis and Harper

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