Friday, October 3, 2014

WELCOME TO PPM ~ September Transfers

September brought us 20 new missionaries to the PPM!
   Here Elder Gray, Elder Liston and Elder O'Keefe
Sisters Bennett, Palmer, Talbot and Jarvis
Loading up the luggage . . .
Viewing the city of Pittsburgh 
A happy moment together!
Back row:  Elders Hummer, O'Keefe, May, Bramwell, Liston, Schofield, Horsely, Holman, 
                  President Johnson and Elder Andrade
Front row:  Elders Rosen, Saylor, Wilson, Mueller, Gray, Beal, Sisters Palmer, Bennett, Jarvis
                 Talbot and Johnson
Sisters Talbot, Bennett, Palmer, Jarvis and Johnson
Shiny and new!
Lunch time at transfer meeting 
Elder Packard . . . Coming in from Amish country!
Lots of hellos and best wishes during transfers
Elders Searle, Reeves, Thurtle, Boyd and Howell
Sisters Williams, Kuo, Lopez and Hill
An unusual companion for Sister Washburn!
Still hungry? 
Going out with a bang?  Sister Thompson, Elder Broom, and Elder Harris
Elder Smith

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