Monday, October 27, 2014

Here and There

President Johnson has been conducting interviews throughout the month of October.  Here are some of the districts we visited:

Camp Hill District
Back left:  President Johnson, Elders Horsely, Tangberg, Kocherhans, Gates, Hyer & Stevens
Front left:  Sisters Johnson, Lindsay, Stokes, Purcell & Rosengren
Cranberry District
Left:  Elders Beck, Woods, McDonald, Trotman, Baxter, Holman and President Johnson
         Sisters Hodson, Valikoula and Johnson
Hershey District
Left:  Elders Cluff, Whitby, Larsen and George
         Sisters Bills and Tolman
University District
Left:  Sisters Bradshaw & Kuo, Elders DeFreese & Bryant, Sisters Zaugg & Sparks
Bearing one another's burden?
State College District
Left:  President & Sister Johnson, Sisters Burnett & Larsen, Elders Little, Jackson, Cook, Muir & Rosen
         Sister & Elder Glover.   Elder Adamson kneeling
Beaver District
Left:  Elders Peers & Saylor, Sisters Romero, Wilde, Winkler & Smith, Elders Walker & Ashton
Johnstown District
Back left:  Elders Barney, Brown, Workman, Cooley, Liston & President Johnson
                 Sister Barney, Elders Woll & Green & Sister Johnson
                                        Sisters Duncan & Baltazar
Pittsburgh 6 District
Back left:  Pres. Johnson, Elders May and Taylor
                Sisters Johnson, Pugmire, Walborn, Olvera and Pau'u
Carlisle District
Left:  Elders Shuppy & Haskins, Sisters Johnson & Denny, Elders Stevens & Lewis
Fairview District
Back left:  Elders Glick, Sheffer, Bashein, Whipple and Pres. Johnson
                 Sisters Hinkle, Robinson and Johnson

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