Sunday, October 5, 2014

Climbing to Higher Ground October 2014 MLC

The Missionary Leadership Council joined together for an early morning hike before we met together.

MLC hikers!  Back row:  Elders Shields, Packard, Doyle, Baggett, Christensen, Saylor, Birrell, Ginos, Ashton, Hill, Gipson, Vassallo, Whitney, Sorensen, Harper, Nash (Elder Dennison back there somewhere). Middle row:  Sisters Moore, Anderson, Williams, Jones, Jones, Petersen, Thomas,  Elder Bashein, Sister Weloth. front Row:  Sisters Washburn, Wade, Chavez, Elders Johnson, Whipple, 
Sister Gates 
Eating breakfast at the trail . . .
Elder Vassallo and Sister Gates
President Johnson, Sisters Jones, Peterson, Elders Gibson and Hill
Elder Saylor, Sisters Jones, Thomas and Williams
Sisters Gates, Weloth, Williams, Jones, Thomas, Jones, Petersen, Anderson, Chavez, Moore, 
    Washburn and Wade
Elders Ashton, Saylor, and Bashien
Sister Johnson with Sisters Washburn, Moore, Gates, Weloth, Williams, Anderson and Elder Gibson
Elder Whitney, Sisters Jones, Petersen and Bashein
Elders Baggett and Whipple

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