Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 2017 Zone Conference in Green Tree

Front row:  Elders Cook, Marcum, Riggs, Smedley, Rayburn, Cahoon, Heywood, LaFon, Gneiting 
Row 2: Pres. and Sister Johnson, Sisters Jacobson, McDonald, Jackson, Robison, Fenton, Finau, Dean, Beckstrand, Chambers, Clarke
Row 3: Elder and Sister Christensen, Sisters Canaan, Bartlett, Belnap, DeWidt, Kwasney, Kelley, Fenton, Penrod, Elders Clarke, Adams and Goeckeritz 
Row 4: center-Elder Canaan, Sisters Wall, Lyu, Brunner, Simpson, Faamaile, Bowden, Kessler,  Elders Jones, Gray, McGee, Aguinaga, and Rogowski
Row 5: Elders Dudley, Kotter, Wilson, Spencer, Halls, Kap, Ross, Payne, Bryant, Gatrell, Rich, Li, Whitehead, Ibarra and Gardiner
Back:  Elders Chafin, Jarvis, Parke, Holdaway, Williamson, Walker, Winfree, Goulding, Nuttall, Noyes, Montgomery, Christensen, Wilson, Walker, Synder, White and English

Sister's Wall and Jacobson and Elders Goeckeritz and McGee train Pittsburgh North Zone

Elders Montgomery (above) and Elder Wilson (below) train Pittsburgh West Zone

A very big thank you to those who helped feed us all throughout the week!
Sister's Christensen, Casler, Clarke and Elder Clarke 

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