Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016 Farewell and Best Wishes!

"Gaining spiritual knowledge is not a mechanical process. It is a sacred privilege based upon spiritual law. I testify that you can receive inspired help. Humbly ask your Eternal Father. Seek divine light. Exercise faith in the Savior. Strive to hearken to His counsel and obey His commandments. He will bless and lead you as you move through this sometimes treacherous world."
                                                                    ~Elder Richard G. Scott 

Thank you for your love and service here in the PPM!  Best wishes and God bless!
Left:  President and Sister Johnson, Elders LeBaron, Baxter, Lundgren, Sister Amendola, Meyers, Crockett, Wyasket and Oliver

Sister Beutler is a triplet - her Sister released just the day before from the  Portland Mission joined their father and came to pick Sister Beutler up.  JOY!

Sister Busath with her Mom and Dad ready to take off!

Sister Nevil and Sister O'Reille from the Temple Square Mission joined us in the PPM for three months
 and have gone back to complete their mission there.

A hike before dinner and a testimony meeting...

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