Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Joyfully Entering in at the Gate

Elder Mills and Goeckeritz taught Rose who was baptized on June 4, 2016 by her husband Stephen

Sister Huffaker, Nevil and Sister Wells helped teach Bill baptized June 4, 2016

Elder Ainsworth and Gray taught Nadia who was baptized by Matt

Elder Wood and Elder wood taught Brittany

Elder Boyes with Nikky baptized on June 15, 2016 also taught by Elder Aitken

Elder Goeckeritz and Mills taught Cheyenne next to Stephanie who was baptized June 18, 2016 by Tim Turner 

Elder Johnson taught and Baptized RenĂ©e along with Elder LaFon and Sister Nevil 

Sister Campbell and Sister Maya taught Sylvan who was baptized by Jacob in July 2016

Sylvan and his family

Elder Hansen and Ekins taught and baptized Raymond July 9, 2016

Sister Wadsworth and Sister Wentzel taught Henry(right) who was baptized June, 2016 by Yang Chao

Elders Aiken, Holbrook, Nick, Sisters Farnes and Birch 3 July 2016

Elder Halls baptized Kaley Lakes pictured with her family and Elder Spencer on 18-July-2016

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