Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 2016 ZONE CONFERENCE in State College

What is the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion?

Elder Bednar taught
"He is the teacher, the testifier, and He is the  influence to help a heart to change."

"He is the third member of the Godhead who has the responsibility to testify, to teach, to comfort, and to purify."

What is our role in helping others in their conversion to Jesus Christ?

"To be a worthy vessel that as a baptized member, and as a set apart servant of the Lord, is entitled to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, as you are clean and worthy and valiant in doing your work, you bring that Spirit with you into the teaching setting."

"This is about a mighty change of heart that can only come through the influence of the Holy Ghost. We are the Lord’s agents to help that Spirit come into the lives of people, to help them learn how to invite it into their hearts"

Front:  Elders Simmons, Davidson, Posada, Selfridge, Haroldsen, Loreto, Kotter, Baxter, Swisher, 
2nd row: Elders Hansen, Bryant, Elder and Sister Clarkson, President Mauro, President and Sister Johnson, Sister and Elder Samuelson, Elders Averett and Holman
Sisters:  Sisters Durfee, Crockett, Thorson, Taunima, Chuah, DeMille, Palmer, Brown, Allen, Bartlett, Schofield, Hale, Paine, Hokafonu, Hartman, Meyers, Jarvis, Wong and Danso
Back: Elders Herzog, Ord, Curtis, Miller, Hummer, LeBaron, Johnson, Montgomery, Cluff, Cook, Beal, Calaway, Bell, Haskins, Wilson, Eubanks, Robertson, Richens, Wilt and Woods

Lunch is served!
Elders Robertson, Holman, Wilson, Beal, Woods, and Wilt

Elders Montgomery, Johnson, Cluff, President Mauro, Elders Bell, Posada, Herzog and Hansen

Sisters Jarvis, Meyers, Hokafonu, Danso and Wong

Sisters Bartlett, Brown, Palmer, Schofield, Crockett, Durfee, Allen and Taunima

Elders Haroldsen, Selfridge, Wilson, Robertson, Wilt and Woods

Elder and Sister Samuelson, Sisters Paine, Hale, DeMille and Hartman

Elders Calaway, Richens, Eubanks, Averett, Hummer, LeBaron, Davidson and Swisher

Elder Saylor, Loreto, Kotter, Baxter, Cook, Bell and Montgomery

Wonderful lunch hostesses and host!

Singing our thanks for lunch . . .

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