Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 2016 ZONE CONFERENCE in Greentree

"We have been called; we have been set apart; we are to be there; we are to open our mouths; and in the midst of doing that, we have to make sure we do not get in the way, because the Holy Ghost is the teacher.  We become that conduit – that vessel, through whom that power of the Holy Ghost can bless and touch these investigators who have sincere hearts and real intent."

             "Everything we do is intended to then invite them to act for themselves so that the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost goes into their hearts - invited through their own exercise of faith."
                                                                      -  Elder David Bednar

Front: Elders Wood, Miller, Duffy, Sister Smith, Elder Syndergaard, Taylor, Lundburg and Worsham
2nd Row: Sisters Gardner, Butler, Welch, Buetler, Roberts, McDonald, Hansen, Johnson, Casler, Clarkson, Elders Clarkson (behind), Slade and Sister and President Johnson
3rd Row: Elders Gardner, Butler, Ord, Sisters Johnson, Campbell, Penrod, Thompson, Elders Gray, Ekins, Pennington, Gull, Cuthbert, and Geockeritz
4th Row: Elders Nelson, Whitby, O'Keefe, May, Garduno, Moon, Sister Amendola (below), Isom, Wilkins, and Redd
5th Row: Elders Devey, Klima, Mueller, Howard, Griffin, Hansen, Parke and Christensen

Lunch is served!

Left:  Sisters Roberts, Johnson, Hansen, Elder Ekins, Gull, Nelson and Sister McDonald

Left:  Elders Parke, Devey, Griffin, Whitby, May, Moon and Gray

Left:  Elders Cuthbert, Redd, Butler, Taylor, Christensen and Hansen

Left:  Elders Worsham, Slade and Gardner

Getting ready to sing ...

Three Sister Johnsons

President thanking our gracious hostesses!

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