Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 2015 Zone Conference in Cranberry

Front left:  Elder and Sister Clarkson, Sister and President Wahlstrom, Sister and President Johnson, Elder and Sister Christensen, Sister Smith and Wyasket 
2nd row:  Elder Richens, Sisters Huffaker, Sibley, Busath, Buetler, Morrison, Birch, Penrod, De Mille, Bills, Wadsworth, Maya and Oliver
3rd/4th row:  Elders Glick, Boyes, Taylor, Draper, Mink, Miller, Halls, Renteria, Klima, Redford, Bryant, Liston, Ashton, Tengberg, Hyer and Elkins
Back:  Elders Hoyt, Stevens, Harper, Holladay, Whitmire, Tidwell, Rackham, Bryant, Uchityl and Bates

Elder Liston and Elder Redford sang the Twelve Days of Missionary Christmas

Wonderful Relif Society Sisters who fed us!

Left:  Elders Glick, Tidwell, Uchytil, Holladay, Sisters De Mille, Penrod and Elder Mink

Left:  Elders Redford, Liston, Sister Clarkson and Elder Bryant

Left:  Elder and Sister Christensen, Elders Bryant, Tengberg, Miller and Renteria

Left:  Sisters Oliver, Maya, Elders Hoyt, Rackham, Sisters Beutler, Huffaker, Smith and Wyasket

Left:  Sisters Birch, Morrison, Elders Draper, Whitmire, Harper, Halls, Richens and Boyes

Left:  Sisters Wadsworth, Bills, Elders Klima, Rose, Wilt, Smith and President Johnson

President Wahlstrom (counselor in the Mission Presidency)  with President Johnson

Sisters Wadsworth, Busath, Bills and Beutler full of Christmas JOY!

Sisters Huffaker and Smith are "radiant"!

Singing a song of thanks to our hostesses!

Elder Redford 

Elders Halls, Renteria, Boyes and Richens

Rudolph?    Elder Bramwell

Looking warm and toasty!    Elder Mink

Sisters De Mille and Penrod

Elder Bryant with Sisters Birch, Morrison and Beutler

Sisters Busath, Birch, Morrison and Beutler

Elder Draper

Who "nose" who these missionaries are?

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