Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joyfully Entering In At the Gate . . .


Elder Devey and Elder Smedley taught Sharon who was baptized by Brother Laudermilch

Elder Lundberg and Elder Baxter with Josh and Justice Keiper

Elder Gull And Elder Kocherhans taught and baptized Damoni

Elder Aitken, Joddy, Charles, Billy and Elder Isom

Charles and his two sons Billy and Joddy were baptized Oct 31, 2015.  They have been in the US since Sept. Judith his wife was baptized when she was here earlier last year.  She lived with an LDS family (the Levitts) and converted last year when she was here doing a fellowship at Penn State.  She returned to Africa and introduced her family to the gospel.  They were ready to be baptized when political unrest broke out and Charles had to get out of the country quickly.  He took the two boys and came to State College and Judith went to Europe to see if she could help another son get a visa to the US.  They also have 2 boys and a daughter out of the country.
     Charles approached the missionaries and told them he was ready to be baptized!  Every missionary's dream!  Visiting their humble home reminded me of the blessings I take for granted such as freedom and safety.

Elder Kap and Brother Guerrero (former PPM missionary) with Shakira Rodriguez and Elder Elliot below

Elders Howard and Simmons taught Nicholas Yonko baptized 12 Dec 2015

Sisters Azucena, Wells, Autumn, Abbey, Rick and wife Laura, sons Dillon and Dalton and Sister Campbell

Sister Canseco and Sister Hartman taught Nancy Cassell.  Elder Gee baptized her.  Elder White 
 Dec 26, 2015

Elder Van Leeuwen and Elder Hawley taught and baptized Anthony Khani December 2015

Sisters Manumaleuna and Palmer taught Vari (in front) who was baptized in Dec. 2015
His great grandma Sister Shelby Lose is right behind him with his mom Dawneigh and grandmother to the left.

Elders Casper and Stevens baptized Kerry Feitler on 16 Jan 2016

Tommy, Sisters Roberts and Johnson, Marylou, Grant, Eric and Angela Eichenmiller Jan. 2016

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