Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 2015 Zone Conference in Green Tree

                                                    "Disciples of the Digital Age"

Training for this zone conference included:
     President Johnson trained the missionaries on, "Matching Tools To The Task", "Conversion Between Lessons" and "Keeping Perspective In Missionary Work"
     Sister Johnson trained on "Developing An Impenetrable Sheild of Faith"
     Elder Clarkson gave training on "Remembering Safety As We Travel", "Proper Care of Our Vehicles"
     Elder Birrell and Elder Gates trained on Sharing the Gospel Using Social Media Appropriately

Highlights were the testimonies of departing missionaries and the musical talents of so many of our missionaries that were shared!

Each of us "can own the most effective filter of all, our own impenetrable shield of faith!"

Sisters Rosengren, Palmer, Ewell, Sparks, Sibley, Crockett and Meyers enjoying lunch!

Elder Butler

Elder Elliot 

Sisters Huffaker, Smith, Landa, Smith, Durfee and Aston

Elder Brown 

Elders Hinckley, Gehrke, Gates, Woods, Shuppy, Elliot, and Hyer

Elders Ord, Lindford, Birrell, Hunsaker, Sister Clarkson and Elder Clarkson

The wonderful crew that fed us lunch!

Singing our thanks to them

1st Row:  Elder Clarkson, Sisters Clarkson, Landa, Palmer, Rosengren, Smith, Elders Andrade, Farnsworth and Sister Johnson
2nd Row:  Elders Hawley, Saylor, Sisters Sparks,  Aston, Smith, Durfee, Huffaker, Brown, Miller, President Johnson
3rd Row Sisters:  Sisters Sibley, Ewell, Elders Ord, Whitney
3rd Row:  Elders Wright, Hinckley, Lindford, Crockett, Butler, Meyers, Gates, Hunsaker and Elliot
Back left:  Elders Hyer, Holladay, Butler, Ross, Shuppy, Woods, Gehrke, Mann, Baxter, George, Birrell and Devey

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